NPC: Reinvigorating Supervisory Roles To Meeting Current Realties

Dr Kashim Akor
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The National Productivity Center NPC is not only in hub of productive activities, but also meant to play a leading roles as part of it’s core mandates, it’s supervisory and evaluation roles to ensure satisfactory results in all areas.

This was manifest in management’s efforts in view of the commitment of the new NPC under the leadership of Dr Kashim Akor to take the productive template towards addressing the current realities

With an enlarged scope and areas of coverage beyond the core mandates, owing to the general acceptability of the slogan of ensuring a productive society, the need to rejig the workforce through trainings and re-trainings of the internal mechanism cannot be overemphasized.

Dr Kashim Akor
Dr Kashim Akor

Therefore, the constant intra and inter agency trainings, workshops, talkshops,seminars and symposiums to rejig the monitoring and evaluation skills of not only programs , but projects being supervised by the agency became germane.

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This was at the backdrop of general parlance, that ‘Charity begins at home’ hence carrying out supervisory roles , there was need to address all neccessary gaps that will truncate smooth and uninterrupted execution of projects and programs in line with lay down procedures.

In that vein, with a fully armed and trained personel, who were inundated with the policy thrust of the agency and by extension carrying out supervisory roles on other agencies of government in Nigeria.

The one day capacity building and sensitization workshop held on September 15, 2022 for staffers of National Productivity Center NPC geared towards rejigging the skills and prerequisites of monitoring and evaluation of projects with it’s theme “Enhancing the performance of project inspectors of the National Productivity Center NPC ” was one of out many in recent times.

The one day Seminar held at Newton Park Hotels in Abuja was meant not to only acquaint staffers of the agency on the ability to carry out transparent inspection, monitoring and evaluation, but geared towards ensuring job execution, completion in line with the normal procedures.

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With the template of constant training and re-training, it will reduce to the barest minimum the constant incidence of sharp practices, shoddy jobs, connivance and collaboration to carry out jobs outside it’s specifications and in line with job schedules.

The new wave of staff capacity building will reduce to the barest minimum, the incidences of bribery and corruption , abandoned projects after assessing funds meant for the projects, and also encourage federal lawmakers the temerity to continue to domicile constituency projects that will be beneficial to their constituents across the country.

It will also assist in great measure, the drive by the federal government to continue to fight bribery and corruption across Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government in Nigeria.

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The routine exercise when sustained will provide many opportunities to Nigerians to benefit from the federal government post COVID programs in the area of skills development, empowerment, reduced to the barest minimum unemployment rates occasioned by the pandemic, and open up other areas of opportunities that will enhance self realization.

The National Productivity Center NPC, has been at the forefront of such laudable programs, hence it’s train the trainers program was already on course, to develop more outlets that will ensure sanity across government activities.

All hands must be on deck to sustain the tempo of capacity building, development and advancement programs, with a view to creating an enabling environment for sane job supervision and timely execution of jobs in line with public procurement act.

Written By ABUBAKAR YUSUF, and can be reached on

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