Obasanjo Challenges Buhari Administration again.

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Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has again challenged the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari over foreign debts.

Obasanjo alleged that Nigeria is rapidly sinking under the weight of foreign and domestic debts, and this should be a source of worry.

In the paper he presented on Friday titled ‘Nigeria: The Challenges of Debt and Sustenance of Democracy, the former Nigerian Leader described in the country’s future as full of uncertainties.

Speaking after Dr. Olurotimi Badero, the Nigerian American cardiologist and international nephrologist who was recently recognised as world’s first and only fully trained cardio-nephrologist, Obasanjo said: “There is a dangerous emerging trend today in Africa, and it is eerily familiar with developments on the continent in the 70s.

Our political leaders have suddenly developed not just a taste for, but a voracious appetite for debt.

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As usual, most of such debts procured are hardly thought through.

Predictably, ability to repay such debts is lacking.

“Unfortunately for us and unlike in the past, the new creditors are less tolerant of our limitations and inadequacies and are now demanding to manage institutions and agencies with a view to recouping their loans.”

“Flaunting his nearly 12 years as head of state, Obasanjo, who was guest speaker before a largely youthful audience at an event tagged ‘The Nigerian Story, Why I am Alive Campaign’, sponsored by Unity Bank, in Lagos, said: “Using debt to finance growth and/or development is a double-edged sword that must be wielded with a high degree of discipline, responsibility and foresight.”

He added that to now see all those efforts go to waste barely less than 15 years is more than disturbing to him.

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Obasanjo, who noted that the situation he found the government in his second coming was such that the country owed both the Paris Club and Look neon club a whopping $36 billion and servicing it annually with $3bn, said the situation was, to say the least, suffocating.

He also lamented a situation where Nigeria’s debt, which stood at $10.32 billion in 2015, has risen to $81.274 billion in just four years, stressing that the nation will need to commit at least 50 per cent of its foreign earnings to service such humongous debt profile.

“As if this is not bad enough, we are currently seeking to add another $29.6 billion loan to our already overburdened debt portfolio,” he said.

The former president warned that the oil which Nigeria is banking on to pay up this debt is fast losing value, with at least 50 per cent of African countries already discovering oil and gas in reasonable quantities.

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He also warned that getting debt relief like Nigeria got under him may not be so easy anymore, citing the case of Algeria, which under President Bouteflika tried to no avail to get debt relief like Nigeria did.

He said: “I fear for the future we are bequeathing to our children and to their children and their children s children.

“I believe that it will be foolhardy, irresponsible and wicked for us to tie a mill of stone around the neck of the successor generations of Nigerians.

“We need to take hard and important decisions that will facilitate a balanced allocation of resources to both capital and recurrent expenditures.”

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