Obaseki With His Christmas Harmonisation Rice: The Uncharitable Gift.


    Obaseki With His Christmas Harmonisation Rice: The Uncharitable Gift.

    Of course, as expected, this is not about the way Obaseki has instructed his cult followers to share the Christmas rice with his faith that is the focus of this article, but the wickedness behind his action of winner-takes-all attitude and blackmail. We can all recall how Obaseki vanquished Oshiomhole and APC before the Edo State citizens as one and a party that has requested for the commonwealth of the state to be shared, a lie that has since come to light. Rather, he is the one that has been using consultancy firms like his own Afrivest and others to retire the state funds in a questionable way that he will eventually answer to later when his time is over in 2024.

    Immediately after the 2020 election where PDP uncompromisingly secured victory for him, his true color of wickedness came to be seen by all especially those who thought he was a true human. His actions do not suggest he is one and we the Edo State people need to request a psychological evaluation of his mind before the State goes to waste. He shared rice, rams, and cows in 2020 December with a caveat that they should mostly go to new PDP members. It was shocking to many. For the old PDP, it was an expected call to alertness. They knew trouble was brewing as the matter gradually shifted to harmonization that was not only legal but immoral.

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    Obaseki spent over 1 year using the expectation of members to blackmail some into accepting his idea of harmonization. When he was vehemently resisted, he went on to appoint mostly his followers from APC. Even as that, the old PDP members didn’t bulk.

    And again, recently, within this yuletide period when you will think Obaseki will use the humble birth of Christ to seek for peace and unity rather than claiming ”it is only PDP that can rescue Nigeria” when he has not been able to rescue his state that is on the brink of self-destruction, he has deepened the crisis in the party.

    Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki
    Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki

    The rice he shared WAS given to former APC members and chairmen in now in PDP to share WITH members. If this is not illegal, what is it? Are these former members and decampED still in APC? Why not allow the genuine excos TO do the sharing?

    Obaseki is not PDP as his mind is full of vanities that still have trace elements of the characteristics of APC. And this coming year, I wish the party can muster enough strength to suspend him from the party which he wishes to destroy.