Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State
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By Ushahemba Nongu, Benue.

The supremacy of God over the affairs of mere mortals will never go out of fashion. It is an immutable fact that divine grace speaks for humans in diverse ways in their callings and endeavors and until we come to terms with this reality, we may never be at peace with ourselves.

Recently, arguments and counter- arguments are trending in Benue State mostly revolving around the leadership question, especially as the 2023 election year gathers momentum. We need to be reminded that leaders are raised by God no matter the perceptions and reckonings of human beings. In fact, what qualifies anyone first as a leader is DIVINE GRACE (with emphasis) before any other factor may count.

A man would be born not with golden opportunities of life but through resilience and focus, God bestowed on him infinite blessings and raised him from lowly status to serve as a leader with transforming impact in the society, that leader is Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, who is guided by a philosophy that a man can receive nothing, except it is given to him from above.

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Governor Ortom has never failed to acknowledge his life trajectory of living from ‘grass to grace’. He has come to epitomise the perfect example of the biblical counsel of not despising the days of one’s little beginning as stated in the scriptures in Zechariah 4:10.

Many things are inspiring about Governor Ortom’s story, the most outstanding of which are his abiding faith and enduring sense of friendship, principled and uncompromising convictions and above all constant acknowledgement of where God’s uncommon grace has brought him in life.

When in 2014, Ortom resigned as Minister in the Federal Executive Council to seek election as Governor of Benue State some persons doubted him and perhaps never gave him a chance but he won in 2015 as God predestined. He went on to seek reelection in 2019, forces conspired, but again divine grace prevailed and Ortom won overwhelmingly. When grace speaks for a man, Governor Ortom is such a man.

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Governor Ortom is again taking a giant leap of faith in his ambition to represent Benue North-West Senatorial district as Senator at the National Assembly come 2023. It is surprising that some naysayers are putting forward negative permutations, even as the people of Benue North-West are speaking in unison that Ortom possesses all the qualities and is worthy of representing them at the Senate counting on God’s divine providence.

Let it be reaffirmed that Governor Ortom has never boasted or trusted solely in his strength or arm of the flesh, which fails, he has become a textbook example of a man who acknowledges God in his life endeavors. While some trust in their chariots, Governor Ortom trusts in the name of God who gives to each and everyone according to His divine will.

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When humans have put in their best in an endeavor, they should rest, feel content and allow God to give direction. For Ortom, God has proven his might in his life and looking beyond his tenure as Governor, his steps will surely be ordered by the Lord.

Of course, God’s grace is sufficient for all of us in different ways be it in family life, politics, commerce, farming or professional calling, never underestimate anyone for when grace speaks in our lives, protocols are suspended!

So long as it pleases God through the people, Ortom is the man whose time has come to occupy the Benue North-West Senatorial district seat at the National Assembly upon expiration of his tenure as Governor.

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Nongu, Senior Special Assistant to the Benue State Governor on Media writes from Makurdi

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