PDP Crisis: Using Orbih as an Excuse.

PDP National Vice Chairman South South, Chief Dan Osi Orbih
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Elempe Dele, Edo.

I have read recently attempts to make Chief Dan Orbih the centripetal force of the crisis in Edo State PDP. As much as I would want to agree with the notion, I object to the light in which the likes of one Rita Ebiuwa, Albert Obazee and John Ewah, three paid hackers of absent-minded ingenuity, paint him. But let me not depend on these fairly known trio to make my point so that I won’t dedicate a portion of my time eulogizing certain notorieties in their respective states of minds.

As a reasonable man, in any matter before your analysis, you must endeavour to be objective at all times as not to fall into the excesses of making mistakes through your hurried or partisan judgement.

For Rita, Chief Dan Orbih goes to court for cases against PDP he loves with his soul when he sees a potential breach, which has been for the past two years the pastime of Governor Godwin Obaseki. In a sane society, when people step out of their legal boundaries, the place to seek redress is the court of competent jurisdiction. And that’s what Chief Dan Orbih, a social man, has been doing whenever he sees Obaseki acting the ways he was acting in APC before he left.

People like Chief Dan Orbih we have come to mirror our political conducts with are parts of individuals that have made PDP the institution it is today. They, like every of us, have a duty to defend the party whenever it is under threat like what Obaseki has posed to the party since he joined in 2020. Chief Dan Orbih has a duty to PDP just like Elempe Dele as well as you, who is a card carrying member of the Party. I don’t have a duty to serve Obaseki or even Chief Dan Orbih. If as leaders, any of them conduct himself the way he speaks to the range of my desires, why not! I will allow his political philosophy to guide me. And if his philosophy does not, I will object to him with all vehemence in me without reservation.

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As for John Ewah, Chief Dan Orbih won’t ‘dictate’ to the Edo South to vote for Hon Ogbiede-Ihama; if the delegates find him worthy, they will choose him to lead them and go to represent them at the red chambers. It is their choice to make, not that of Chief Dan Orbih. Hon Ogbiede-Ihama has stood for the Party during it’s trying times, they have elected him twice to represent them at Oredo Federal Constituency, if they wish to give him a higher assignment, those bandied Johnish or Obazzeist highfalutin propaganda that those Edo South Senatorial District Delegates won’t even read won’t work.

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Now to the conundrum; is Obaseki right with all these actions so far? The answer is no, in all ramifications. The sacrosanctity of the PDP Constitution is not what we can compromise for any one individual. The cruel and wanton actions of a single individual cannot make us change the constitution and traditions of the Party. It is impossible to imagine the dramatic and horrifying conduct of the governor and his people two and half years ago when he was coming to join PDP. His conduct does not embody the character of a political negotiator, leader and even an ordinary politician who must use understanding and patience to get what he wants. He is not even trying to make himself a remarkable part of the history of politics in Edo State. People of all political persuasions were jubilating when Vanguard peddled the news he was joining the Labour Party. That shows how bad his rating is, as a matter of fact. I am giving a professional opinion, no ill-feelings.

I am tempted to feel Edo State as a whole is being punished for some of its actions, not because Chief Dan Orbih does not want Obaseki to dominate members of the old PDP. We can only get the answer to this notion of punishment as I have envisaged through piety and hidden secrets of transcendalism.

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History will stand like erected libraries when the issue of Obaseki and Chief Dan Orbih will be narrated in our annals. History will confer enormous honour on Chief Dan Orbih for standing for what is right like those in the cause of history stood against slavery, famine, dominance, diseases, tyranny, fascism, Godfatherism, autocracy, absolutism…For Obaseki, his antecedent history is not so fantastic to wish for a repetition from history, as a matter of fact. We all wish within our subconsciousness this political passage should go so we can breathe relaxed sighs and relief.

I know the likes of Rita Ebiuwa, John Ewah and their colleagues in social media arms circle are casualties of gaslighting and emotional rhetorics to blind and bind the simpletons in their circles of inmates who share and forward messages – substantial debate will continue to exist over the ethical and legal aspects of what they earn for their jobs. And for those who are on the side of anarchic conducts in PDP, I see only their inherent immoralities, crimes, party terrorism for which only their consciences will be able to convict them, if not now, but later, if not by the party, certainly by God.

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