SAMACET INTERNATIONAL: Pan African Organization Fighting Poverty, Climate Change Through Sustainable Wealth Creation.  

the founder and President of the organization, Ambassador Chiyedzo Josiah Dimbo
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SAMACET is a nongovernmental organization, NGO, established in 2006 in Zimbabwe to drive farmer-friendly and innovative agricultural approaches and technologies but over time has extended to several African countries.

The Pan African organization has capitalized on the use of online news, magazines, community Radio, and Television stations as a value addition to encouraging organic farming and environmentally friendly approaches that positively influence climate change and involve active grassroots participation.

In order words, it can be seen as information dissemination and capacity building organization as it provides training, online news, community radio, and television platforms to various farming communities.

SAMACET International whose symbol is the African Flag with the motto “ Your card to building vibrant sustainable communities “ has the vision of becoming the trusted source of accurate and up-to-date information as well as duty bearers and custodians of the earth.

As a nonprofit organization, Samacet International has well-coordinated partnerships and networks of multimedia communication, such as academia, Professionals, Special Ambassadors for women, Children, youth, footballers, and community-based organizations involved in the promotion of the voices of the voiceless and marginalized in agriculture, and mass media and climate problem.

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According to the founder and President of the organization, Ambassador Chiyedzo Josiah Dimbo, the aim behind the establishment of the organization is to end poverty and hunger, disease-free generation, Good Cultural practice restoration, Exporting finished products, and sustainable wealth creation.

Ambassador Dimbo said Samacet is targeting to plant 4 trillion fruit trees and medicinal plants in 5 years across Africa adding that value addition to raw products is the key to unlocking wealth.

Honourable Chiyedzo Josiah Dimbo who is also the Vice President of the Global Humanitarian Rescue Mission, ( GHRM) stated that Africa is home to about 1.2 billion people, so it can feed the world but it all depends on what Africa does Agriculture adding that there is need to change peoples view on Agriculture.

He explained that Agriculture is a business not a hobby neither is it a development activity or a social sector stressing that we must stop using Agriculture to manage poverty but can create wealth through agribusiness “ He appealed.

Adamu Usman Idakwo is the Media Strategist for Samacet international based in Zimbabwe.

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