Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu


In the history of Lagos state from the days it was occupied as the seat of Nigeria’s government, the level of infrastructure rejuvenation and innovations across all sectors from 2019 when Babajide Sanwo-Olu/ Hamzat administration came to the mantle of leadership, it had witnessed another genuine commitment towards it’s advancement and major reformation.

With concerted efforts to building of more roads, reconstruction and expansion of the existing ones across the nooks and crannies of the state, patriotic efforts was been deployed to partner with neighborhood states and the private sector to develop other infrastructures that had positive multiplier effects of the citizens of the affected states.

This had led to the convening of major bilateral and multilateral discussions across the neighboring states like Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo and Edo States along other local and foreign investors to promote not only the economic, social and infrastructural development, but social , economic growth of the states.

Sanwo-Olu passion for motorable and access roads for Lagosians was non- negotiable as the reconstruction, expansion, remodeling and rehabilitation of all roads across the state received highest priority.

Since ease of movements across the state was the bane of stable economy that attracted both local and foreign investors, the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu ensured all routes are giving adequate attention in the areas of road construction, as contractors worked all round the clock to rebuild Lagos roads.

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The administration also embarked on massive construction and remodeling or government establishments so as to compete with the current realities as well as provided mass housing estates both for all cadres of the civil service and private conglomerates.

This development led to the construction of mass housing estates across the state numbering over 500,000 at various categories by the state government under its Public Private Partnership PPP arrangements.

The Mass Housing projects by Babajide Sanwo-Olu was comparable and compatible with the good old days of Jakande’s administration when aside mass roads and housing estates was constructed across Lagos state that reduced to the barest minimum the problems of accomodations in Lagos for a reasonable period.

The Sanwo-Olu housing projects gained prominence like the construction of many decades Jakande estates spread across length and breadth of Lagos, that attracted not only development but resolved perennial problems of accomodations in the ancient Lagos state that metamorphosed to the current order under Sanwo-Olu’s administration.

Construction of bridges and flyovers across the state had become a continuous occurrences to further opened up more access by both vehicular and human movements in the state, by the nature of the state, initiation of flyovers and high capacity bridges is a continuous process to continue to provide alternative routes and ease of movements to the people of Lagos state.

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As at 2023, Lagos state government under Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu/ Hamzat had invested a whopping trillions of state resources to the building, reconstruction, expansion and remodeling of bridges and flyovers across Lagos state.

These among many others included the acquisition and remodeling of federal government properties in Lagos state through a well thought out between Lagos state and the federal government to avoid subsequent abandonment and den of disgruntled elements that could pose as security threats to the state.

The convening of Ehingbeti, the economic and industrial hub of Lagos was a major milestone and efforts towards enhancing a better Lagos state in the current dispensation and subsequent years, as the foresight of the present administration was unique in all ramifications.

To crown his efforts in the infrastructural breakthroughs of Lagos state among many other achievements , the ground breaking ceremony of the 4th Mainland Bridge by the present administration is a dream that must be allowed to come true by only re-electing the Babajide Sanwo-Olu Hamzat leadership, through a massive vote come Saturday March 18, 2023.

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Known for his record breaking in all areas, the third Mainland Bridge constructed over four decades ago by the military administration to ease movement from the Lagos Mainland to the Lagos Island was introduced by the current administration with a targeted completion when commenced.

To allow the gigantic investments and all round development of Lagos state to fruition, efforts must be redoubled to support the governor irrespective of creed, religion, extraction or political differences to extricate the cosmopolitan Lagos from the unabated movements and gridlocks.

Aside easing up movements across the state, it will promote not only economic,social and other relevant activities in the state, but encouraged more local and foreign investors as well as influx of other relevant activities into the state.

With the giant achievements, no doubt, when re-elected , the present administration under Babajide Sanwo-Olu/ Hamzat will not only see to the early completion of the projects, but ensured it’s utilisation and introduce many more to the betterment of Lagos state.

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