Semiu Adeniran: Sustaining the Good Legacies of NBS.

Statistician- General of the federation, Alhaji Semiu Adeniran.
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The ascension of Alhaji Semiu Adeniran, the new Statistician General of the federation was only by providence, but not by accident ,as he has spent well over three decades as one of the staffers that rose through the cadre to the top echelon of the National Bureau of Statistics NBS.

The unfortunate incidence, though a natural phenomenon that threw the entire organization into mourning and a temporary set back for the organization, was also an in road into ensuring seamless transition and appointment of new Statistician- General, Alhaji Semiu Adeniran.

Statistician- General of the federation, Alhaji Semiu Adeniran.
Statistician- General of the federation, Alhaji Semiu Adeniran.

Adeniran like his late predecessor, Late Simon Harry was an expert in statistics with local and international exposures, that had sustained both the monthly, quaterly, yearly statistic reports being churned put by the organization in recent times.

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Appointed in May , 2022 , Semiu Adeniran was confirmed as substantive statistician general of Nigeria to bridge the gap of the demise of the former helmsman, who took over from the two time SG, Yemi Kale after his exit and retirement from service.

Six months down the line, the new Statisitician-General has not only operated inline with the ethics of the agency, but had contributed to the economic,social development of the country.

The office of the Statisitician-General under the leadership of the new helmsman had predicted the volatility of the economic downturn across the country, states by states indices in line with the prevailing situations across the country, as well as stabilised the inflationary trend and multi digits economy.

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The office has not also reneged on same predictions , cost implications, inflation and inflationary rates , economic performances and non performances, costs of living to address panic across the country.

it has also rendered advisory roles through forewarning, predictions and accurate statistics that will guide both public and private entities on the way forward in the area of service delivery.

The NBS was also consolidating on it’s core mandate towards ameliorating the harsh economic situations across the globe with Nigeria not in exception post COVID, and also profered a leeway towards amelioratimg the socio-economic malaise across the country.

With the new leadership under Semiu Adeniran, no doubt the ongoing realignment in Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government will prioritise projects and programs that had direct bearing on the lives of ordinary Nigerians will be sustained, with new reforms geared towards improving the lots of the citizenry.

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Already, the monthly, quaterly, yearly and routine predictions by NBS had been a source of guide and emboldened ordinary Nigerians, the need to also explore other areas of human development and emancipation is also being initiated by the new leadership under the new management headed by Semiu Adeniran.

No doubt, Nigerians had cocooned their livelihood on the premise and advisory roles been churned out by NBS, there is no doubt that it will continue to make more inroads into providing more statistics and indices that will drive and moderate the country’s economy.

Written by ABUBAKAR YUSUF and can be reached on

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