The armchair criticism of a sanctimonious Oshima. Right Of Reply

The armchair criticism of a sanctimonious Oshima. Right Of Reply

This chap called Crusoe doesn’t know who Liborous Oshoma Esq is. (I am a practicing lawyer with more than 20yrs experience in litigation but at the superior and inferior courts of record.

Liborous has been biased for exposing ineptitude in governance and has been doing that for more than 21yrs through appearances on various television and radio programs, the recent being his podcast titled the Advocates. Liborous is not a journalist.

It’s good that government should be accountable to its people but not through lies and half-truths and name-calling. Be that as it may, the response and name-calling is good, as it will afford me to do another advocacy on Edo, I wanted to go to Benue, but with this let’s stay on the issues in Edo and I promise not to be as pedestrian as the government spokesperson.

“I am, however, taken aback though that a government paid propagandist is accusing others of being paid to expose their ineptitude. Maybe because he never says anything unless being paid to do so.

The attitude of these brands of Nigeria spokesperson is that no matter the truth, they must defend the ineptitude and impunity of their principal, same way Lai Mohammed, Femi Adeshina, and Garba Shehu must always defend Buhari’s impunity.

So I don’t expect anything less from this chap with his watery response.

That said, let’s stay on the issues. Thank God though, the ordinary people know better and are today counting the administration of Obaseki, they supported with 4+4 down with 8-5 hence the reasons I don’t take these paid government spokespersons and their agents seriously.

Imagine the government taking credit for a female mechanic that has been in operation from the days of Lucky Igbinedion and crediting Obaseki with a modular refinery that was initiated before he became Governor. These and more are signs of how desperate they are struggling to fish for achievements that are nowhere to be found.

If the Governor is so interested in laying a solid educational foundation for the state, why not upgrade a dilapidated library instead of turning it into a shopping mall?


As we speak, the Ekiadolo college of education closed by the Governor under the guise of building infrastructure is laying waste as the only structure there remains the one undertaken by TETFUND as workers therein are begging for salaries. Same for AAU, the only structures therein are the ones constructed by TETFUND and in other cases, the ones built by the VC through interventions from donors.

Signing MOU with Konga to bring 10,000 businesses to Edo online. If that’s not fraud, in this day and age, then I wonder what one will call fraud. Anyway that MOU has given Crusoe an online presence. Clowns everywhere.

How about the MOU signed for the establishment of the University of Innovation in Benin, am still looking for the location.

If the MOU with GIZ of Germany for Human Capital Development and Youth Employment is what has given three-person jobs in place of the 200,000 jobs they promised during the election, then I need not say anything more. But I will ask how many youths have been empowered and developed with the same MOU? Abi the SA they are distributing is empowerment too? I laugh in Uneme.

So the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SIEMENS, energy company, to develop the state power, transportation, education, public infrastructure, and industrialization sector only yielded lights on Ring Road with no workable traffic lights in a metropolitan city like Benin City. They need to have their head properly screwed in the right places.

If the MOU signed with UNITAR for capacity development and educational reform has birthed Oyegun Civil Service Training (that they claim was nonexistent) how come the Civil Servants are not good enough to do the jobs they are spending money training them on? As the consultants are gradually taking over the same jobs as the civil servants.

The MOU on the establishment of fabrication village and another MOU to build affordable housing in 2019 how many affordable houses have they built so far?

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Thank God he agreed again that they signed MOUs that are only visible on paper, without pointing me to execution and actualization. All I am asking them is to give us maturing dates of these MOUs so we can hold them accountable to those dates, as provided for in S.22 of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. Abi that one is too much to ask again.

People no longer need to bother their heads as they see clearly through the lies of the government who publicly admitted to spending four years to tar less than three kilometers of the road (ring road to erediawa junction). That means it will take them 24yrs to tar the road to Gelegele.

Also, I will love to add, that I am still looking for an edobest program in any school in the Afemai and Akoko-Edo and Owan area of the State. Abeg if you know let me know.

Edo State used to have 10% of Bendel Cement which was brought forward to BUA CEMENT but those shares were sold under Obaseki, leaving Edo state with nothing. State. Yet nobody has accounted for the money as it has gone into voicemail. Yet they are mouthing Edo is in safe hands. The moment they heard that BUA and Dangote cement Okpella are planning of building an airstrip around Okpella, because of the insecurity of moving from Benin to Auchi or Lokoja to Okpella, the deceitful government quickly started talking about building another airport in Edo north, so he can take credit for private investment. How laughable.

By Edo State budget, the Governor takes 625m naira monthly as a security vote. Yet the State is riddled with kidnappers all over. Life is no longer safe in Edo, as Kidnappers can block roads for one hour without any interference. Vigilantes are not being paid, so they have slowed down their activities. It’s so heartbreaking that the various diaspora community associations are having to contribute money now to provide security in the various Senatorial zones. Yet Edo is in safe hands.

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The saddest part is that despite all of these, Obaseki is the only South-South PDP Governor that took part in the agreement to ban RUGA, only to turn around to criticize it to the consternation of his colleagues, simply because he’s looking for favors from the same APC government he is criticizing.

I grew up in Bendel State of Ogbemudia that had a functional Cement factory, Established Teacher Training Colleges and Colleges of Education, Rubber and Palm industries and research centers, affordable housing, portable drinking water in every nook and cranny of the State, the establishment of the University of Benin, Technical Colleges in Benin and Igarra, Textiles Industries, functional health care, and management services and these were sustained by Prof Ambrose Alli, building affordable houses, BDPA in every senatorial zone, establishments of unity secondary schools and schools in villages with free education, etc without signing bogus MOUs and I am privileged to see, feel and experience this good governance.

So I will excuse that young man if he has never seen what good governance is all about and the only thing he is using to measure good governance is this ineptitude of the more you look the less you see which has birthed unexecuted MOU bubuyaya of his Oga.

Liborous Oshoma Esq Head Attorney, Liborous Oshoma Chambers Practice Law in Lagos
Liborous Oshoma Esq
Head Attorney,
Liborous Oshoma Chambers
Practice Law in Lagos

This certainly calls for another advocacy on Edo and I will pull out their financials in my next episode, so people can see how much they have spent mismanaging the state and signing MOUs.

Liborous Oshoma Esq
Head Attorney,
Liborous Oshoma Chambers
Practice Law in Lagos

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