The Dan Osi Orbih That I Know


By Abu Abdulganiyu,  Edo.

We have recently been inundated with a lot of salacious and lecherous publications of innuendos and outright falsehoods by numerous media hirings who litter our cyberspace against Chief Dan Orbih. What those publications are meant to achieve remains in the realm of conjectures except perhaps, to arouse the sexual desires of their depraved paymasters.

Dan Orbih is many things to different People but one thing is constant, he is a great man, he is loyal to friendship, successful in every sense of the word. Above all, he is a voluminous epitome of sagacity, humility and above all a believer in building bridges of sustainable friendships.

His quiet mien is easily mistaken to be weakness. His simplicity contrast sharply with his capacity to deploy guerilla warfare in the political arena. Often Underrated at the enemy’s peril.

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For the avoidance of doubt and for the records, i have not spoken with him since i left the PDP because he would never rationalise my reason for leaving. I knew he was unhappy with me but my mind was made up.

When Obaseki started his naked dance in APC i knew his final destination will be PDP and those of us who were close to Orbih and the inner caucus of the Ogbeide-Ihama campaign Council knew we stood no chance if Obaseki eventually decided to seek refuge in the PDP.

I left because i couldn’t see myself working for such a treacherous man who humiliated everyone who labored for his first term victory. My decision was made for me. Some of us simply saw tomorrow.

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The Dan Orbih that i know either failed to see tomorrow or was railroaded into making a grave political blunder by accepting this mistake of a man called Obaseki.”

Obaseki could never have secured the PDP Governorship ticket without the express approval of Orbih.

Those who think they can bring Orbih down in PDP must be prepared for the shock of their lives. Dan Orbih is the life wire of PDP, he is the body and soul of the party in Edo State. He has paid his dues and not new to piggy fights. He may not necessarily join you in the gutters but trust me, his strategies are effective.

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My advice to Obaseki is that for the sake of posterity, he should immediately call his dogs off the streets and call a truce. His disgrace in PDP will be worse than what he suffered in APC.

This fight is unwinnable. Either way, Obaseki loses.

Love him or hate him, Chief Dan Osi Orbih represent the immovable rock and the alter ego of PDP in Edo State.

PDP National Vice Chairman South South, Chief Dan Osi Orbih
PDP National Vice Chairman South South, Chief Dan Osi Orbih

A man has a right to make his own history. Which will it be Obaseki, a great man, who came, saw and conquered or a treacherous betrayal who is incapable of loyalty to friendship.


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