The Labour of our heros past shall never be in vain; Amobi Ogah is Obedient and so are many youths.

Chief Godwin Amobi Ogah, 2023 LP House of Representatives Candidate for Isuikwuato/Umunneochi federal constituency of Abia state
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By Our Reporter.

Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency is under review here. The representations witnessed in the Constituency since 1999 is such that was lopsided. See, where two people are eating food and there are two pieces of meat in their soup, it is only natural that they share it with fair play. Even if one of the two is more advantaged and the other less privileged, equity says, “what is good for the goose is good to the gander.” It is therefore sheer high-headedness for anyone of the two to suppress the other and take undue advantage. Equity and fairness are therefore partners in the quest for a serene society devoid of bickering and rancour.

The point:
Isuikwuato and Umunneochi LGAs are the constituent parts of Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency. This is a fact known by even people of other inclinations. Delimination into this Constituency is not by accident, rather, the two LGAs have some historic ancestors linkage. They are close, they are neighbours and they share a common ancestry. As a result, no one LGA is permitted to take unnecessary advantage against the other. It should also be noted that no one of these LGAs has more human and material resources than the other, hence, no undue favour. Whereas Isuikwuato is land of generals, Umunneochi is land of intellectuals. As a matter of fact, the two LGAs are endowed with beautiful resources to prosecute any undertaking that comes across.

When Nigeria returned to Democracy prior to the 1999 General election, the land of Generals grabbed the seat of the Federal Constituency through Uche Maduako (Bulldozer). After a two-time stint at the green chamber, Umunneochi wrestled out the seat from them through the Onyejeocha Dynasty. As we speak, the position has remained in Umunneochi for four terms of twenty years running. The question now is: are Isuikwuato people no longer eager to take what equity bequeathed to them? Is the Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency one person’s property? How come Isuikwuato people are this docile over the years? This time round, the voices of reason and those of equity and equality are calling on the people of Isuikwuato to take this forthcoming election serious, given its strategy in the determination of the direction of the political pendulum. In answering this call, three women came out from Isuikwuato. Well, the Constituency is not a Constituency for women. Ours is not the only constituency where 30% women Affirmation is observed. For about twenty years now, a woman has tried to show what stuff she is made up of. Even if women are the best for this job, there is always a need to try something new – a man. In furthering this analysis, it is also pertinent to look into the parties and their candidates for the seat.

Nkeiruka Chidubem Onyejeocha is the incumbent, having served for almost twenty years running. She is from Isuochi in Umunneochi, and of course, she is running against the tide. She has tried her best and should be laid off. Aside having overstayed, her party APC is in total shambles. They have taken Nigerians and Nigeria for a ride. They may not make any mean outing nationwide this time round owing to the dilapidation of the party.

Loveth Nonye Ofoegbu is a two-time aspirant for the seat, having lost to gentleman Jude Udeachara in 2019. One thing that goes for her is that equity is smiling at her for coming out from Isuikwuato. It’s also fair that she is from Uturu (the most maginalised in terms of the seat). But she is running against the tide due to strong determination to return the seat to a man for parity sake. However, in the recently concluded primary election, she maneuvered her way and saw her name in the list. Had she made it in 2019 when her ovation was high, she would have been a challenger but it slipped off her hand. This time, her disadvantage is that the people of the constituency have decided that women have tried and should leave the stage for men to continue. Aside this major setback, her party PDP also goofed in Abia state by conducting the most unfair party primaries. She emerged by irregularities and men of sound choice are poised to teach PDP a bitter lesson in her. Generally speaking, her aspiration is a stillbirth. She lost it already.

Amobi Godwin Ogah is the most alluring, highly favoured and best equipped for the position. He is a vibrant young man, accommodating and tolerant. He is from Uturu, Isuikwuato. He is a gentleman and a man of his words. He has come to right some wrongs and so write his name in the sands of time. He has the capacity and wherewithal to prosecute an election as demanding as House of Representatives. He is Obedient. Amobi Ogah saw what a deceit PDP has become, he dumped the party and headed to the party of people (ebe esere mmadu). In Labour Party, he discovered it was a right decision to have left the PDP to enable him win the election. Perhaps, we all need to key in to a movement of God’s people.

Message to the People:
Arise oh people of Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency; our representative call obey. Let us all with strength, faith and love Labour to make a change in this era of history making. Amobi Ogah is the key to unlock hidden and denied potentials in our Federal Constituency. He is resourceful, result-oriented and full of ideas. Though all the candidates may have manifestos as required by lips-service political process, yet not all of them have the courage to walk the talk. They may have equality in aspiration but probity is the carrier of the equality. Good enough, the difference between equity and equality is that equality is ‘everyone get the same thing’ and equity is ‘everyone get the things they deserve’. For Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency, equality has given Isuikwuato and Umunneochi the same representation but equity says, Isuikwuato (Uturu) deserves it now. In equity, it’s for Isuikwuato but in fairness, it’s narrowed to Uturu. Since Amobi is from Uturu and he is well equipped, it is just fair to allow whom the cap fits to wear it. Therefore an appeal goes to Isuikwuato people to rally round one person if they are mean about the seat. That one person is Chief Amobi Ogah.

That said, when you want to cast your vote on the day of Presidential and National Assembly election, be Obedient. Do not vote party, vote an individual with human face. Hence, look for the party with human being as logo; they are certainly humans.

Hon Toby Chuks Egeonu is a public affairs commentator and political analyst who writes from Abia State.

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