HRH, Igwe Peter Anugwu of Mbaukwu and Seyi Tinubu


By Ebuka Onyekwelu.

Seyi, the son of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been conferred with the chieftaincy title of ‘Nwannedinamba’ in Anambra State on Tuesday.

The title ‘Nwannedinamba’ means brother in the diaspora.
He was honoured with the chieftaincy title by the traditional ruler of Mbaukwu kingdom, Igwe Peter Anugwu. He was also recognised as a son-in-law of Ndigbo.

Seyi Tinubu has been honoured in Anambra State, by His Royal Highness, Igwe Peter Anugwu of Mbaukwu, as “Nwannedinamba” which could be loosely translated to “a brother in a distant land”. The chieftaincy investiture which took place at the Palace of Igwe Peter Anugwu in Mbaukwu, followed a courtesy call by Seyi to the Igwe, on Tuesday, January 24th.

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HRH, Igwe Peter Anugwu of Mbaukwu and Seyi Tinubu
HRH, Igwe Peter Anugwu of Mbaukwu and Seyi Tinubu

Impressed by Seyi Tinubu’s demeanor and eloquence, and by commendation by Uzu and the APC State Youth Leader, Igwe Anugwu spontaneously conferred the chieftaincy title on him.

During the courtesy call, after initial opening remarks by Tony Oneweek, Uzuegbuna Okagbue proceeded with comment on the business of the day, which he commenced by introducing Seyi Tinubu and his team to the Igwe. Okagbue also noted that he has a long standing relationship with the Tinubus. However, he insists that his favourable disposition towards the aspiration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu is based on Tinubu’s verified records of excellence and also his ability to build people and institutions; an attribute that has distinguished him among all former Nigerian governors since 1999.

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Uzuegbuna Okagbue who also said that national politics is different, observed that it is important for Southeast to approach 2023 Presidential Election differently so as to ensure that the region is not out of the scheme of things no matter the direction of the Presidential Election outcome. “We have to play in such a way that however it turns out, what is rightfully ours gets to us”, Uzuegbuna Okagbue concluded.

In his own remarks, Igwe Anugwu said that what he wants is for Uzuegbuna Okagbue to bring his friend Seyi Tinubu, when they must have won, to come and develop Mbaukwu like Lagos. “Tinubu made Lagos what it is. I will also want you to make Mgbaukwu like Lagos. My son Uzu will bring you to make Mbaukwu like Lagos”, Igwe Peter Anugwu said.

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On his part, Seyi Tinubu said that this election is for all Nigerians and that he has come to solicit for the support of Igwe Anugwu. “This election is about everybody. We have come to consult and solicit your support. Here is also home to us; my wife is from Anambra State, so my son Jidenna, has a stake here”, Seyi said.


HRH, Igwe Peter Anugwu of Mbaukwu and Seyi Tinubu
HRH, Igwe Peter Anugwu of Mbaukwu and Seyi Tinubu

d by the eloquence and clarity of Seyi Tinubu’s presentation as well as commendation by those known to the erudite traditional ruler, Igwe Peter Anugwu, he immediately decorated Seyi Tinubu with the chieftaincy title of “Nwannedinamba”.

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