Tips on how to get a husband as a single lady – Ruth Kadiri

Nollywood Actress, Ruth Kadiri
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A famous Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri is known for her extremely love and stand for a better society and will do everything humanly to protect the interest of her gender.

Kadiri has provided some tips on how ladies can get the best suitors when they’re fully ready to settle down.

According to her,

GO OUT WITH INTENTION: Don’t wait until you are sent on an errand before you can go out.

Sometimes, just dress up, look good, scent nice and wear a smiling face, not always frowning your face as if you are quarrelling with people. Go out there and attract what you want.

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You can’t be praying to God for husband when you don’t go out, Your prayer might have been answered but not delivered because you don’t go out.


Do you know that wearing a smiling face to greet a guy, sends a good message of you to his head?, It makes them feel good and would prompt them to speak with you and get to know you better.


Most guys are too shy to stop a lady when the lady is with her friends.

As a single lady, most times, go out alone so that a guy can be courageous enough to stop you and talk to you, You never know where the discussion will lead to.

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