Umuahia East State Constituency 2023: Fall To Delusive Promises, You suffer The Agony of Unresponsive Representation

Nwaubani Udochukwu
Nwaubani Udochukwu


By Our Reporter, Abia.

It is a truism that God does not do for men what men can do for themselves. Destiny as we all know is not only a function of time but also an interest of God. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the father of lights who is no variableness either shadow of turning. Inasmuch as God wants us to succeed in all aspects of life, we should also be mindful of the opposite force working to derail God’s plan for us.

A cursory look at the extant biblical injunction as established in the book of Joshua “..choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood or the gods of Amorites, in whose land ye dwell:but as for me and my house, we will serve the lord”. The revelation is that God has placed it on us that at every juncture of life, we are faced with the task of making vital decisions, and the choice we make would either make or mar us.

The choice is the phenomenon that differentiates humans from other animals. The choice is what makes us different from Angels. God respects our choice, he doesn’t force us to accept whatever we do not think we should do.

Most Winners of life battles make good choices of their plans and strategies which bring to them victory while some look for a sense of adventure and so make choices that last only for a moment, forgetting that these choices all have rippling effects on u, the people around us and even to the next generation.

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As activities for the 2023 general elections are gearing up, especially as the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) prepares to conduct its primary elections to select candidates that will fly their party’s flags in various echelons of elective positions, it becomes incumbent that our party delegates be very circumspect and hearken to the voice of reason by countenance ambitions with proven evidence capable of pulling us out of the brinks and placing us on the path of sustainable constituency development in transparent and impactful ways.

In the last couple of months, Ndume ward which now exercises the reliable and indefeasible right for the first time since 1999 to produce a house member that will represent Umuahia East State constituency at Abia House of Assembly come 2023 is currently inundated with a deluge of declarations mostly through various social media outlets of intent by aspirants seeking for election to the exalted house of Assembly seat.

In a careful study of the list of those who have so far thrown their hats into the ring to aspire for the house of Assembly seat, three categories of them have been identified. The first category is classified as tadpole politicians devoid of surnames who don’t even know the responsibilities attached to the office they are vying for but are busy gallivanting around creating publicity stunts. The second is baby politicians who lack the capacity, knowledge, and wisdom to represent a constituency that is full of political gladiators and intellectuals. This second category of aspirants is very unprepared for the onslaught as they lack the finance and carriage to prosecute any interfered election but hinge their hope on their political benefactors for financial support and possibly a plot to smuggle them into underserved positions against the wish of the people. Their case is summarily a case of the unpatriotic cultivating and trying to market the unprepared. Finally, we have this third category of aspirants who are men of integrity whose track records of sterling humanitarian services are proverbial. They have the capacity and wherewithal to berth the Umuahia East State constituency we all crave for. This is the very category of aspirants that the entire Ndume people yarn for and where Sir Innocent Nwachukwu belongs.

From the points elicited above, the pivotal moment is now up to our delegates to weigh the options available and make good choices to avoid the pitfall of the past.

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I still warn, that only a focused, intelligent, capable, inspiring, and competent leadership imbued with a genuine spirit of oneness can change the narratives and put smiles on the faces of the discontented and distraught constituents who have so far suffered the agony of neglecting since after the last election.

Therefore the current aspiration by Sir Innocent Nwachukwu, a consummate businessman, bred and waned by the very stringent catholic doctrine for an emerging new Umuahia East State Constituency where peace and unity will be built and jobs created for our teeming unemployed youths should be given adequate consideration and support.

Sir Nwachukwu, a strong believer in building bridges and templates of peace and unity among his people is no doubt a candidate with a proven track record of community support and philanthropic activities. Sir Nwachukwu a man who has carved himself a niche in the electrical business has before now been at the forefront of efforts geared towards the creation of worthwhile ventures aimed at improving and sustaining the livelihood of his people.

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Through his pet project SIR INNOCENT NWACHUKWU FOUNDATION, he has navigated effective policy support and provision of basic social amenities within his community and beyond. This foundation has been playing prominent roles in the creation of loans and structuring strategies to assist small-scale business owners for success, continuity, and sustainability including helping many young people get an education and excel in their careers. The solar panel street lights mounted around various community markets in Ndume are some of the community developmental projects embarked upon by Sir INNOCENT NWACHUKWU’S FOUNDATION.

While sir Nwachukwu prepares to redefine the history of Umuahia East State Constituency at Abia House of Assembly as the first Ndume Son to ascend the Assembly seat, the task before him may be daunting but not insurmountable based on his patent track records of service and outstanding legacies in the private sector.

Finally, let us prove that we are mapped out for excellence, that we are the trailblazers, the peculiar people, we are the chosen people ready to restructure our society and return the people to the economic realities of the time.

The choice is ours.

Nwaubani Udochukwu writes from Umuafai Ndume Umuahia Ibeku, Abia State. Tell no–07030379091