2023: Ikechi Emenike, and new found brides, clogs in wheel of progress of Abia APC.

The 2023 APC Gubernatorial candidate in Abia state, Dr Uche Ogah and Factional Abia leader of the Party, Ikechi Emenike
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2023: Ikechi Emenike, and new found brides, clogs in wheel of progress of Abia APC.

Going through online news media, my attention was caught to a trash, called article authored by one of the e-rats of maverick politician and factional governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abia state, Mr Ikechi Emenike who gave his name as Rowland Alozie, wherein he ignorantly attempted to vilify and crucify our ebullient past Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development, the Abia APC governorship main-bearer for the forthcoming 2023 general elections, Dr Uche Sampson Ogah (OON), with falsehoods and cheap media stunt and propaganda.

Being person who lives at one of the Abia areas, and Rowland Alozie acted the script prepared and handed over to him by his infamous paymaster cum serial losers, and which in turn, displayed in clear indices the level of desperation, envy and greed one can express for the sake to fraudulently grab unmerited award in a competition he was roundly defeated, and was democratically adjudged best practice that had happened in the Abia state chapter of the All Progressives Congress by critical stakeholders in nation’s electoral contests, observers and monitoring team from independent bodies, public analysts, party leaders and opinion leaders.

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However, Rowland Alozie had in statement he posted on the online news platform (APC Abia Newsplus) wherein he countered and attacked earlier comments against Ikechi Emenike by a former member of the Federal House of Representaives, Hon Chief Nze Chiekwe Esiaga, who took precious time and exposed many atrocities and misdemeanors of Abia factional party leader and self-styled 2023 gubernatorial candidate of the party in the state, Ikechi Emenike, to the good people of Abia state.

Rowland Alozie asserted while pouring venoms on Nze Chiekwe Esiaga which partly stated, “His claim that the former minister of Mines and Steel Development is the only person that can lead the party to victory in the 2023 election is jaundiced, infantile, puerile and a figment of his already distorted imagination. Esiaga and his likes have forgotten so soon that Uche Ogah was the party’s standard-bearer in 2019 governorship election, but came out of a serious battle like that of a gubernatorial race, with a laughable less than one hundred thousand votes”.

“It remains a known fact that Uche Ogah abandoned his own campaign and refused to honour intellectual interviews when it mattered most. Is it not also known that he was absent during the two major governorship debates that were organized by the media houses in Abia State, and the BBC Igbo? After the election, the same unpopular candidate intentionally and deceptively filed his petition out of time at the election petition tribunal wherein the petition was struck out on technical grounds. Yet, the caricature known as Esiaga still believes that one whose legal department didn’t realize the importance of early filing process, will be described as as beautiful bride that Abia APC had replaced with a man oozing with intellectual capacity and an unstained integrity in the person of High Chief Ikechi Emenike.

“Like the popular saying goes, “It is foolery for one to do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results…”
No one chooses a donkey in a climbing competition when there’s a monkey, and the APC cannot repeat the mistake of 2019 in 2023, by fielding the same expired legs to run a more sophisticated and overwhelming race like a guber race with the same candidate that performed abysmally in the not too long ago history, where many APC faithfuls are yet to get a reasonable explanation of what went on with monies raised for their political outing in 2019, which was said to have been cornered, and pocketed by the actors of the 2019 outing.

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“It is also important to point out that other members of the committee including the indefatigable Deputy Chief Whip of the Federal House of Representatives in the person of Rt Hon. Nkeiruka Onyejieocha, who is the one representing Uche Ogah’s federal constituency, and also happened to be the one who brought a lot of credence to the candidates of the party, and added value to their electoral weight in 2019. We also have Rt. Hon. Martins Azubuike, who was Uche Ogah’s running mate in the 2019 election, and the both above mentioned are solidly lined up behind the quintessential, gentle fellow known popularly as “High Chief”.

The 2023 APC Gubernatorial candidate in Abia state, Dr Uche Ogah and Factional Abia leader of the Party, Ikechi Emenike
The 2023 APC Gubernatorial candidate in Abia state, Dr Uche Ogah and Factional Abia leader of the Party, Ikechi Emenike


However, the aforementioned statements by one Rowland Alozie are far from the truths. Obviously, it will remain forever in the books of history for the present and unborn generations of Rowland Alozie, to know that current growth and development seen in Abia chapter of the party was fostered by the ordained and triumphant entry of the foremost industrist, Dr Uche Sampson Ogah into the APC, which was earlier before his entry as member of the governing party, was rejected by people of the state, and as even APC, was nicknamed boko-haram party, which among other stumbling factors, negatively relegated the party to the background, and also badly caused the progressives party a monumental and woeful failure, and even worsened by hypothetical and treacherous style of politics of Abia APC factional leader, Ikechi Emenike, and his penchant in instigating crisis in any political party he found himself.

Its undisputable facts that Uche Ogah campaigned vigorously within across the 184 electoral wards of the seventeen local Government areas in Abia state, and spoke to the electorates on his plans which contained in his manifestos before and during the last 2019 general elections in Abia state. Ogah while carrying out his electoral campaigns despite the evil antics and evil machinations of the factional party leader, Ikechi Emenike who defied instant rules of the APC, engaged in series of litigations to ensure he stop the doyen of Abia Rejoice, Dr Uche Sampson Ogah from flying the party’s governorship flag during the concluded 2019 election conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) across the state. It’s equally undeniable facts that Ogah’s ideologies and leadership acumen and sterling track records both public and private sector propelled the present overwhelming acceptability and popularities being enjoyed currently by larger population of Abia people. And this particularly feat propelled by Dr Uche Ogah have been attested by party leaders and entire Abians.

Rowland Alozie and few of uninformed gang of ignoramuses and known hirelings needed to be reminded that Dr Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah (OON), never dodged nor refused to appear in any election debate prior to 2018 and 2019 electioneering processes, as the paid writer (Rowland) want the world to believe or sell the dummy to the gullible ones. I want to remind Rowland Alozie that DEBATE is not mandatory, and not recognize by constitution of the land, and as well as the nation’s electoral act as mended. have any legal backing that all candidates participating in a democratic elections must be subjected to debate as yardstick to qualify for an election, or will lead to atrraction of votes from the electorates in Abia state.

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It was an obvious facts that most of the election debates organized by Independent bodies and non governmental organizations for candidates jostling for Abia 2019 gubernatorial elections were sponsored by interested candidates to curry favour from the audiences cum supporters they hired and positioned at the venue of the debate to cheer them, and at this spot, or boo opposition candidates from other political parties that participated in the so-called debates. So, Rowland Alozie and cohorts must be reminded that Dr Uche Ogah’s membership of the All Progressives Congress in Abia, widened, positioned and brightened the chances of the progressive party to wrest power from the ruling Peoples Democractic Party-led administration in Abia state during the last 2019 elections, but the sycophantic, unscrupulous and treacherous characters of most of the party leaders and critical stakeholders in the state chapter of the party, especially, APC leaders from the ukwa/ngwa bloc in Abia who openly traded their consciences and played politics of ethnic sentiments, and also carried out open campaigns against the APC and her 2019 governorship candidate of the during the last governorship election in Abia state, Dr Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, impeded Abia APC from securing a win during the election.

Majority of patriotic and loyal party leader members, true lovers of democracy and watchers of unfolding political developments across the state can attest to the fact that the immediate past State chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Hon Donatus Nwankpa, ex- governorship aspirant, Prince Chamberlain Adiaso, federal commissioner representing Abia at the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Chris Akomas, Barrister Friday Nwosu, Hon Martins Azubuike and too numerous to mention due to want of time, sold out the Abia APC and revealed its strategies to winthe ruling PDP-led administration in the state compounded by the contractual agreement between the Abia APC factional leader, Ikechi Emenike and the same g overnment of the PDP in Abia state, to destroy tremendous strides recorded by the party in the state chapter. Up till this moment, these party leaders and many of their characters have not ceased nor repented from this sabotage on the Abia APC. This unpatriotic and dubious manners as exhibited by these never-to-do-well party leaders and disgruntled members of the party had continued to posed as the main clogs in the wheel of progress of the party, and genuine desires and collective efforts of the party to clinch the governorship seat of Abia state from the ruling PDP that has been rejected by the electorates in the state in every electioneering periods.

Mr Ikechi Emenike claimed to love Buhari more than any other person but never won any of his puling unit for President Buhari. Guess, God never destined him to win the election because, in the year 2003, he contested for PDP Senatorial ticket, but lost against Dr Chris Adighije. 2007, he contested for the governorship of Abia State and still lost against Senator T.A Orji. 2019 presidential and National Assembly elections held on 23 Feb came with surprises as he was defeated by the opposition parties in his puling unit. He failed to deliver Buhari but wants to be the leader of a party he failed to deliver. But that remains a story for another day, as he still remains suspended from the party”.

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Mr Ikechi Emenike remained suspended and must stay clear of party activities until the leadership of the All Progressives Congressin Abia state review his suspension and readmit him into the party fold in the state. Mr Ikechi Emenike remains suspended from the state (APC ) following the allegation of anti-party activities levelled against him. And the state working committee said before his suspension that “After the considerations of multiple allegations of anti-party activities against him, that the state chairman of the party, Hon Donatus Nwankpa will be led by the executive of the (Chief Ikechi Emenike ) local political ward and sequence of his suspension from the party.

“Mr Ikechi Emenike was informed the duration of his suspension could be reviewed depending on his actions, suggesting it could be shortened or extended depending on whether he issues an apology. As far as I’m concerned, Dr Uche Sampson Ogah remained the best to govern the state. He is a man of substance. He is a special man. He is not concerned with calling himself king and Baller. No , He is not into chasing titles for himself. He is an Alpha Male. The man who does the best he can with what he currently has. A man of passion and pride who comits himself to his studies, his craft and spirituality. He’s a man of substance and love too. Don’t even try to dare to interrupt what he is doing for Ndi Abia. He has a lot of love to give the good people of Abia state.

The All Progressives Congress cannot repeat the mistake of 2019 in 2023, by fielding the same expired legs to run a more sophisticated and overwhelming race like a guber race with the same candidate that performed abysmally in the not too long ago history, where many APC faithful are yet to get a reasonable explanation of what went on with monies raised for their political outing in 2019, which was said to have been cornered, and pocketed by the actors of 2019.

On the issues of the 2019 election campaign funds appropriated for the Abia chapter of the All Progressives Coby the national leadership, the records are there to verify those in charge of campaign funds. He was in charge of the disbursement of the funds allocated to Abia APC during the elections. Party members and the entire Abia people know those entrusted with the funds. Ikechi Emenike, Prince B B Apugo, Hon Donatus Nwankpa, Chief Paul Ikonne, Dr Chris Akomas, Hon Nkeiruka Onyejiocha, Ben Godson, Senator Chris Adighije and many of the party leaders should be asked to account for funds entrusted to them to deliver APC during the last 2019 elections in Abia. But rather, huge sums of the funds which ran into millions of doing were diverted.

As we await the decision of the court on a lawsuit that followed over the outcome of the concluded APC Gubernatorial Primaries, a large population of APC members and indeed, the entire Abia people have vowed that it would not be business as usual to be deceived by enemies of APC, and they are committed and undeterred to entrenching of good governance in Abia state under Dr Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah as Governor of Abia state come 2023.

To be continued.

Mr Lawrence Ekeledo, a Public Affairs analyst, writes from Umukabia Ohuhu, Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia state.

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