Edo 2024: Like Tinubu’s APC, Edo Voters Should Avoid Okpevbolo/Idahosa Like Plague

Edo 2024: Like Tinubu’s APC, Edo Voters Should Avoid Okpevbolo/Idahosa Like Plague

By Erasmus Ikhide

After a short break from the turbulence social media space, I bumped into a recent costs list of electronic transactions and others ancillary economic burdens reeled out and imposed on the long suffering Nigerian masses by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu led-administration of APC.

The anti- people’s policy of the APC led-government which is meant to further downgrade and retard the economic strength of Nigerians with a going title: “cybersecurity levy” where individual money senders would be bearing the costs thus: ₦5 on ₦1,000, ₦50 on ₦10,000, ₦500 on ₦100,000, ₦5,000 on ₦1,000,000, ₦50,000 on ₦10,000,000.

Additionally, receivers of stamp duty would, in the same token, be bearing the burden and yoke as follows: ₦50 on ₦10,000, ₦50 on ₦100,000, ₦50 on ₦1,000,000, ₦50 on ₦10,000,000. Likewise transfer fees for individual senders who would be bearing the financial brunt for ₦10 on ₦5,000, ₦25 on ₦5,001, ₦50 on >₦50,000.

On the Value Added Tax, they have harrowingly been slammed with ₦0.75 on ₦10, while transfer fee on ₦1.875 goes for ₦25 as well as transfer fee for ₦3.75 on ₦50 costs ₦4 on each electronic transfer notification.

Those who are still at a cross road whether or not Tinubu/APC are conjoined siamese twins manufactured, cultured and hoisted from the pit of Hell on Nigerians on a mission of destruction; absolute stagnation of the Nigerian state, total asphyxiation of the people’s plight and for eclipsing and wiping out of its humanity must now understand that the doom’s day is here.

When Tinubu hiked fuel prices on assumption of office, reversed the few crumbling subsidies that sustained the poor, and became prisoner of the “Washington Consensus,” I knew that the nation has been permanently imprisoned by neo-liberal imperialists. When Tinubu primitive and inept government showboat the defense of the Naira against the Dollar which continued to deepen the poverty of the Nigerian people, I knew his wrongheaded policies can’t stand the test of time.

Edo people must take note now that unceasing rash of governmental burdens are purposely churned out to suffocate those who are economically disadvantaged via thoughtless policy prescriptions from APC government, now that the very foundation of the country is tanking before our very eyes.

Apart from a few who are burying their head in the sand like the ostrich, pretending that the tormenting and the infliction invoked on Nigerian citizens by the APC government does not exist, majority of Nigerian people know that victory for APC in the coming Edo State gubernatorial election is Another Problem Coming (APC). It is now obvious that a stagnant, do-nothing Buhari is now better for the country than this madness we’re witnessing! Nigeria is fast sinking to the nadir of despair and ruination.

From the day one of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidency, citizens’ purchasing power evaporated from the roof top with his ill-thought and after-thought pronouncement of fuel subsidy gone apocalypse pronouncement. To date, the little peaceful nation suddenly became a slaughterhouse, while the naira tanked beyond redemption as several billion invested to stabilize or defend the Naira remained a mirage.

In the coming governorship election, Edo people must not forget to punish APC and their layback candidates while they’re paying more for darkness, cybersecurity, money transferred, stamp duties and abominable increase of Value Added Tax (VAT). As fuel scarcity began to bite harder, while bodies of able men spilt into the streets hunting for the rare stuff the way frenzied pigmies hunt for rodents, so shall APC be chased out of Edo State!

From the very beginning, the APC bore the scam of imprimatur of the old devil and Monday Okpevbolo and Dennis Idahosa can’t make the difference.

Ikhide contributed this piece via: ikhideluckyerasmus@gmail.com