The E-Rat called John Mayaki and his filthy lamentations, a sign of ignominious defeat for the APC

The E-Rat called John Mayaki and his filthy lamentations, a sign of ignominious defeat for the APC

By Goodluck Osama Ogbeide

The Majority of the candidates who failed the recently conducted JAMB examination will definitely lay blame on technical glitches, (computer infidelity), just as INEC did during 2023 General Elections in that specific country.

This is because, an impotent will not know his misfortune until night calls.

After struggling with Pen and Paper for months, looking for adequate facts to scandalize the well- built profile earned by the Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Barr. Asue Ighodalo over the years, the APC’s spokesperson and former errand boy to Governor Godwin Obaseki has finally coined a syntactic line tagged ‘Ighodalo’s Stiff Campaign’ as lengthy as Mariama Ba’s Novel, ‘So Long a Letter’, yet laced with comic exaggeration, unrealistic permutations with fable- like tales, ignominious and watering best for comic relief, which could had been best delivered by a kindergarten social media neophyte for peanuts sake.

After taking a bottle of cold coke, this beautiful afternoon, trying to dwell on the wonderful sermon by my Pastor earlier today during Church service, I stumbled and grasped my phone, behold, it was the lamentation of a brother, dropping filthy lines like the weaver birds weaving its net in fury.

I took extensive time to wonder and ponder what my pen friend, Mayaki was trying to say in the opening paragraph, when he said “Asue Ighodalo, an armchair lawyer familiar only with routine boardroom life, is struggling to endear himself to the voters in Edo state.

They don’t know him, and he finds it difficult to open up to them. His desperate efforts to connect with them, including forced TikTok-style videos, have only inspired ridicule and bemusement”

The above lines, clearly juxtaposed Mayaki as a low level writer, who could be best considered as a social media e- rat, for awkward ability to neglect the visible truth at dawn. Asue who to him is familiar with boardroom life has won the hearts of Edo people, including the traders, Civil Servants, Professionals and across all streets.

The same Asue whom he said is struggling to endear himself to the voters in Edo State has interfaced with Edo people one on one, visible and zoom meetings and the electorates know him by his name, actions and previous track records, while his (APC) Candidate Senator Monday Okpebhole’ has continuously avoided Edo people, zooming out of zoom meetings countlessly, without any manifesto, waiting for magic to happen to win the upcoming election.

Instead of begging his former godfather, Pastor Osagie Ize- Iyamu to help him with the simple agenda and deliver it line by line, in evening special classes, he has preferred avoiding Edo people in search of flood for ‘Park and Use – leg- work analysis. That’s by the way.


Let me focus on the discourse because this writeup is purely not for Akpakomiza but for the social media e- rat called Mayaki. My friend, is it that you (APC) have nothing to campaign with?

It is a rhetorical question anyway, after all, the entire Nigerians are not willing to hear APC which is synonymous with hunger, agony and pain.

Let not mention anything about Akpakomiza, who have made the campaign so easy for PDP’s Asue Ighodalo to emerge.

On Okpebhole’s inappropriate Queen’s English, Mayaki said “Their excuse is that Asue’s Queen’s English means he can better engage ‘investors’ in Britain and America.

But what will form the basis of engagement if he cannot understand his own people in Ewohimi, let alone decode their true needs?

What kind of investment will a man at odds with his people facilitate?“

This line above clearly depicts Mayaki as a low thinker, who speaks profusely and ostensibly to avoid the truth.

He has unarguably agreed with Edo people that Queens English is vital and key in governance. He has agreed that Okpebhole needs to learn the Queen English which is already part of Ighodalo.

My question is, What does speaking Esan or talking to the people of Ewohimi with their dialects have to do with Edo governance? Or are you thinking Asue is contesting for kingship in Ewohimi, perhaps the Odionwereship or kingship don’t even has that as one of the prerequisite for enthronement. For your information,

I know you are aware, but let me educate you a little, Asue Ighodalo is not contesting for kingship, or age group in Esanland, but for Edo governance affairs. Edo’s geographic terrain encompasses bi- ethnic and multi lingual populace, so you can take the dialect to your kings-men for you so desire. In a sane society, Mayaki is supposed to be relieved of his duties for dishing out meaningless writeups, such as he has done, but in that particular political party, anything is accepted.

Honestly, Mr. Mayaki and APC should be ashamed of themselves. The only video that has gotten the attention of Tiktokers was the propaganda against the Benin Monarch which they sponsored and at the end of the deal, the audience got a glimpse of the absolute truth, after which the ‘Use leg take cross issue came’, nothing like campaign, except for picking Asue Ighodalo’s words for attack.


Trust me, Mr. Brainbox surely knows how to tackle them and that’s why the election is visibly one way ride for the PDP. The earthquake will be louder than Torgba of 2020. The earlier Mayaki knows this, the better for him.

For Asue Ighodalo, he is already ahead and Edo people know this.

Goodluck Osama Ogbeide
Former Chairman,
Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA)
Edo State Chapter

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