Ighodalo Satisfies the People’s Hunger (Part 4)

Ighodalo Satisfies the People’s Hunger (Part 4)

By Mercy Omoregie

I heard some people are agitated by my writings. While I would like to give them a tick from my red pen, I always prefer the blue. Even more, I won’t give them the pleasure of my attention.

I have a story to tell.

In the very first piece of this trend, I did mention one thing that drew me to Asue Ighodalo. I think It’s time to give details.

Destiny Ogedegbe popularly known as Mr. Possible is a childhood friend of my younger brother and by extension a friend to our family. They both attended the same secondary school. Many conversants on the X app are familiar with his story. It was an internet sensation.

Destiny Ogedegbe no doubt is a brilliant chap. He is one young man that has gained the love and respect of many Nigerian youths. His story is one that easily inspires. Graduated with a first class from the University of Benin, Faculty of Law, and the Nigerian Law School respectively.

Proceeded to work with the Banwo and Ighodalo Law Firm, Lagos for 3 years. Now the interesting part, Destiny later furthered his education at Harvard University on a full scholarship. He actually had to choose between Oxford and Harvard. Both from which he got full scholarships. The young lawyer is a practising attorney in the United States today.

AI mentioned in one of his videos that at least one or two persons get full scholarships to study abroad every year from his team. Well, I know one.

Here is why I had to take you through this journey. The Benins have a popular saying: “Emwin noma ai ye egbe ta.” You should only imitate or follow something good.

My Pastor calls it favour by proxy or blessing by contact. Just as Lot became blessed by associating with Abraham. Even Abimelech had to covet it.

One Goodluck Osaretin recently gave a testimony of how pleasant it is to work with and for AI; how deeply he cares for those around him. He wasn’t the first, second or third I have heard. So many others say the same.

Let me ask you, can you pluck a fruit so far away from its tree? No.

How about if the tree offers itself to you.

How about you have the tree always to pluck from, always to dine from. I will be honest, Edo needs such care, such love and even more, this good head that brings prosperity, peace and progress.

Maybe at this time, in a world where no one really cares, Edo hungers for true love and affection. That type that brings peace of mind and progress. Will it hurt if you cast your vote to make this happen?

Ewmin no ma ai ye egbe tai. Who nor like better thing?

We are hungry for development and progress of our dear state, our taste choke us like lost souls in the desert. Should we not drink from this living water that pours freshly before us?

Asue Go Do Am

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