Edo 2024: A Vote for Okpebholo is a Vote for Ize-Iyamu

Edo 2024: A Vote for Okpebholo is a Vote for Ize-Iyamu

By Eghe Imasogie

The warning signs are there; the citizens of Edo State cannot afford to allow desperate politicians to put their soiled hands in our commonwealth. And one of such character is Pastor Ize-Iyamu, also known as Kpelebe or POI.

He has made two trials to access the Edo State coffers under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and under the All Progressive Congress, APC. In both cases, he failed – he was roundly dismissed by the electorates.


He also charged this year but was discharged before the primary that was marred with irregularities. However, he has not given up. Senator Monday Okpebholo will be acting as a proxy for him to access the Edo State finances which they intend to vandalize if given the opportunity.

As POI’s political light keeps fading out obviously, so are his finances, which are often garnered from election donations. Without doubt, he needs an avenue to continue to live the life of affluence without doing any meaningful business apart from politics.

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So POI is one of the most desperate Edo State born politician today – he is more desperate than Okpehbolo. Yes, the senator can go back to NASS when he looses the election while the political journey of POI of over 3 decades will come to an end.

Kpebele is in his 60s. In the next 8 years, he will be in his 70s, he wont be eligible as much to contest election as he serially has been doing, so we must understand why he is desperate to sell the unsellable senator to the people of Edo State, especially the people of Edo South Senatorial District where his popularity had since withered greatly.

It is on this note I am recommending to the people of Edo South to reject all the false gospelling from Kpelebe. His gospel is according to the Edo State finance which he wish to run down through proxy Monday who normally does not show up on Mondays for interrogations. The plan is simple; while Monday will be doing hide-and-seek in government house, Ize-Iyamu will be busy stuffing his pockets with containers of raw cash through fake contract proposals.

The people of Edo South must therefore reject POI and his Monday proxy. A vote for Monday is a connecting vote for the capture of our state finances.

Eghe Imasogie is a resident of Ikpoba Okha, an activist and social critic.