Edo 2024: Akpata, Satanism and Ethnic Irredentism

Edo 2024: Akpata, Satanism and Ethnic Irredentism


By Osasuyi Obadigie

The Labour Party, LP, candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State, Mr. Olumide Akpata, has escalated his desperation in the bid to put his hands into the finances of the Edo State. The candidate, who many have qualified objectively as an ethnic bigot and irredentist, heightened his satanism through one of his witch doctors who claimed to be Dr Nwame.

In a gory, grotesque and unsightly video that has gone viral, the acclaimed witch doctor was seen raining curses on Barr Julius Abure, the LP national chairman, for purportedly trying to thwart the efforts of Olumide because his prefered Esan aspirant did not win the primaries.

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In the video, the witch doctor was seen saying in parts; “…you are fighting Olumide Akpata because you want to stand by Esan Agenda. You collected one billion five hundred million from PDP for you to sell out Labour Party because the primary did not come to your favour…but the length you went, Julius Abure, you dey tell us Benin say we nor know wetin we dey do…Julius Abure, for you to be causing problem when you know campaign have started, and you want to be bringing problem to Labour Party…and for us not to stand and fight our enemies…Abure, you will die…”

After his several satanic curses and incantations targeting Abure, the acclaimed doctor invoked the god of thunder against him.

The part that was most savagery was when he used his teeth to cut the throat of the live chicken, drank some of the raw blood and put some on the foot of a three he claimed was an Iroko.

There have been public outcry since the video went viral. “The government must as a matter of urgency, arrest this man. This is animal cruelty,” Esosa from Oredo Local Government Area, LGA said.

“This man is a vampire. The government should arrest him immediately,” Ogie, a Facebook user said. “Akpata is more desperate than Senator Monday Okpebholo. Akpata knows he should have dropped from the race since because he has nothing going on for him – obidients are all gone back to their respective parties. He is also handicapped by the issue of Justice, Equity and Fairness. Every normal person knows its the turn of the Esan people, why should he be contesting when his relative from Edo South is just leaving power? I don’t know how these big men think.” This was rationalized by Yesuf Imana in a WhatsApp platform.

Condemnation has continued to trail Akpata for orchestrating the satanic convocation of evil and illegality even as a lawyer who ought to know animal cruelty is a crime.

Osasuyi Obadigie, a communication expert, wrote from Benin.