Oshiomhole’s misplaced confidence in Edo APC resurgence

Oshiomhole’s misplaced confidence in Edo APC resurgence

by Omoregie Ogbebor

Adams Oshiomhole’s recent declarations of an impending APC resurgence in Edo State, was reported in the DAILY POST, which come across as a mixture of wishful thinking and political grandstanding.

While he attempts to paint a picture of inevitable victory for the APC, the reality on the ground tells a different story. The people of Edo State have experienced firsthand the failures of APC governance at the national level, and they are ready for a future that only the PDP and its formidable candidate, Dr. Asue Ighodalo, can provide.

Under APC leadership, both at the national and state levels, Nigerians have witnessed unprecedented economic hardship, insecurity, and corruption. Oshiomhole’s confidence in Monday Okpebholo’s candidacy cannot erase the memory of APC’s dismal performance.

The promises made by the APC during the Buhari administration were largely unfulfilled, leading to a deep-seated distrust among the electorate. Even now, under Tinubu’s presidency, the nation continues to grapple with worsening economic conditions and rising insecurity.

Edo voters need to remember that under the APC:

The cost of a bottle of mineral drink has skyrocketed from N30 to N360.
– The exchange rate has ballooned from N160 per dollar to N1,600 and continues to rise.
– Fuel prices have surged from N220 per liter to N850 per liter.
– A basket of tomatoes has soared from N8,000 to N100,000.
– A sack of pepper has increased from N6,500 to N115,000.
– A sack of beans has jumped from N18,000/N20,000 to N68,000/N70,000.
– A sack of flour has risen from N12,000 to N68,000/N70,000.
– A sack of sugar has escalated from N8,500 to N68,000/N69,000.
– A bag of rice has shot up from N7,500 to N80,000/N85,000.
– A carton of noodles has increased from N1,500 to N17,500/N18,500.
– A kilo of Titus fish has risen from N600 per kilo to N4,500 per kilo.
– The cost of a pot of soup has inflated from N1,000/N2,000 to N15,000/N20,000.
– The price of one kilo of semo has surged from N350 to N1,500.
– A Derica cup of gari has escalated from N70 to N700/N800.

These drastic price hikes have made basic necessities unaffordable for the average Nigerian, plunging many into crushing poverty and palpable despair. The APC has demonstrated an alarming propensity to mismanage and mangle the economy, with the suffering of the people as a direct consequence of their failed policies.

In a patently clear contrast, the PDP presents a candidate who embodies vision, competence, and integrity. Dr. Asue Ighodalo has a proven track record in law, economics, and corporate governance. His inclusive approach to governance is solution-oriented, focusing on real issues that affect the people of Edo State. Unlike the APC’s rhetoric, Ighodalo’s campaign is grounded in actionable plans to revitalize the state’s economy, improve security, and enhance public services.

Oshiomhole’s praise for the “grassroots” politician, Monday Okpebholo, overlooks the genuine grassroots support that Dr. Asue Ighodalo has garnered across Edo State. The enthusiasm and warmth with which Ighodalo is received everywhere he goes is a testament to his acceptability and popularity among the people.

The PDP’s strength lies in its unity and the collective commitment of its members to bring about positive change. The defection of a few PDP members to the APC, as facilitated by Nosa Adams, and based on the personal interests of a few, does not signify a weakening of the PDP but rather highlights the desperation within the APC to regain access to the Edo State treasury and our common patrimony.

Edo State needs a leader who understands the socioeconomic realities of today and has a clear roadmap to address them. Dr. Asue Ighodalo’s vision includes prioritizing infrastructure development, harnessing the state’s agrarian potential for industrialization, and ensuring that education and healthcare services meet the highest standards. His inclusive and transparent approach to governance will ensure that all Edo citizens have a voice and are part of the state’s progress.

Oshiomhole led us to fight against godfathers – Former Edo Deputy Gov, Shaibu

The upcoming election is a pivotal moment for Edo State. The disastrous eight years under APC rule at the national level, coupled with the worsening conditions under Tinubu, highlight the urgent need for change. Edo people deserve better, and in Dr. Asue Ighodalo and the PDP, they have an excellent alternative. Any Edo voter thinking of casting their vote for the APC on September 21st should remember the skyrocketing prices of basic necessities and the economic hardship inflicted by the APC.

All Edo citizens need to imagine and remember the devastation the APC could bring to the state unless they are stopped at the polls in September.

It is time to reject the APC’s failed leadership and embrace a future of hope, progress, and prosperity with Dr. Asue Ighodalo at the helm.