Edo Election: We can’t go back to the past, Ighodalo tells Edo community in Diaspora residing in Hamburg

Edo Election: We can't go back to the past, Ighodalo tells Edo community in Diaspora residing in Hamburg

Edo Election: We can’t go back to the past, Ighodalo tells Edo community in Diaspora residing in Hamburg

By George Etakibuebu

It was yet another great outing for the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the September 21 governorship election in Edo State, Dr Asue Ighodalo, on Friday night in Hamburg, Germany, in continuation of his engagement with Edo Diaspora in Europe.

At the meeting, Ighodalo reiterated his determination, working with his running mate, Barr Osarodion Ogie and a sound team, to make Edo State a first world sub-national in Nigeria.

The engagement with Edo Diaspora Community in Europe ahead of the September election had taken him to Reggio Emilia, Italy; Manchester, and London in the UK and will end on Saturday night with a similar engagement in Nuremberg.

Speaking on Friday night in Hamburg, Ighodalo assured his audience in a packed hall that his vision is to build on what previous administrations in the state had done and take the state to where it should be by meticulously and clinically executing the “Pathway to Prosperity for All” manifesto which was unveiled earlier in the week.

“We must know who we are in Edo State. Our state has produced some very famous individuals in the past who etched their names in national history. The last eight years have witnessed some good developments. We must build on them. We can’t go back to the past. If it happens it will be a shame to each and everyone of us in this hall. I am not a spokesperson for the administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki, but I can tell you that the administration has moved Edo State from where it used to be.


We can only move forward and not seek to go back. Edo State has changed. It is time to solidify the reforms that the Obaseki administration has achieved.
“We will work tirelessly to make Edo State a first world sub-national in Nigeria. We are clear in our mind that working through the “Pathway to Prosperity for All ” we can achieve it. The task we set before ourselves is to ensure Edo State is secured. Before the conversation on State Police is concluded, we will make do with what we have.


How do people live without law and order? You see impunity everywhere in the country, no, we must set the pace in Edo State. There must be high regard for law and order,” he declared to a huge applause.

Continuing, Ighodalo said if voted into power, his administration will work assiduously to address the major five pillars of his ‘Pathway to Prosperity for All” thereby ensuring that the vision is realised.

He assured that he and his running mate will provide good governance, be accessible, accountable and transparent in all they do.

“If the rest of Nigeria doesn’t want to change, Edo wants to change. Abuja won’t help us, so we have to help ourselves. Edo State has no reason whatsoever not to be in the league of a first world sub-national in Nigeria. We have people all over the world, who can make it happen. That’s why I am not particularly happy with people who mouth the “home boy” slogan. It makes no sense. Edo is blessed with people who are all over the world doing great things and so to say that you can only indicate willingness to contribute positively to the growth of your state if only you lived all your life in your community makes no sense.”

During the question and answer session, Ighodalo assured that, “I will only fear God and work for the best interest of Edo people. Security is our number one priority. Within the first week of coming to power, we must resuscitate the Security Trust Fund. We must make Edo State attractive.”

Concerning the issue of artefacts, Ighodalo declared that they are going back to the Palace.
“Your question is a good one. As a lawyer, I know that if my goods were stolen, no matter how long it took to find the goods, any day they’re found, they belong to me. The issue of artefacts is simple. They were looted from the Palace and so to the Palace they must go back to. Beside, President Muhammadu Buhari settled the issue through a declaration before he left office.”

In a significant contribution of the night, Ighodalo’s wife, Mrs Ifeyinwa Ighodalo, promised to personally hold her husband accountable for the promises he has made to Edo people, particularly, as they affect women, youths, children and the vulnerable, for which she got a resounding applause.