Dankaka: An Unsung Hero At FCC

Executive Chairman Federal Character Commission, FCC, Hajiya Muheeba Dankaka
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Dankaka: An Unsung Hero At FCC


Naturally it is always difficult for the men folk to allow women as Head of Ministries, Departments and Agencies, therefore the current situation the leadership of Federal Character Commission FCC under Hajiya Muheeba Dankaka was not different from all ramifications, especially such an agency that is populated by retirees and political opportunists over the decades.

The assumption of duty some few years ago by the Chairman, Federal Character Commission FCC does not go down well with some members who were thoughtful and sure of becoming the successor of the previous leadership.

The appointment of Hajiya Muheeba Dankaka had been shrouded with controversies by especially the second term members, who had sworn of frustrating her administration for not allowing the ‘business as usual’ known for in the commission over the years.

Heaven knows , that for long immemorial, the Federal Character Commission FCC and the Federal Civil Service Commission FSSC over had been the den of employment rackets and racketeering particularly through the members spread across 36 states of the Federation, who asked for slots for the various states they have represented and inturn sell them off.

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Executive Chairman Federal Character Commission, FCC, Hajiya Muheeba Dankaka
Executive Chairman Federal Character Commission, FCC, Hajiya Muheeba Dankaka

Many instances a former Deputy Governor, a former Minister, a former Federal and state Permanent secretaries were on many occasions taken cognisance of Federal Character allotted job slots that ended up in the shylock sellers and buyers of jobs, whom they often used as fronts.

The Executive Chairman under no guise cannot deny members of slots under the Federal Character arrangements, but a situation that was becoming unbecoming, that had turned the commission into a market of job sales, fell short of expectations.

Coming from a private background with some degree of public exposure, Dankaka outright refusal to play the ball became the beginning of her problems, connivanceĀ  and collaborations to pull her down.

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With distinct performance and records, it is in the public domain , that all appointments, employments and engagements are duly certified and approved by the commission on the basic of Federal Character, that had been the bane of the existence, coherence and national unity.

Dankaka that has been the subject of the success story was been portrayed in a bad light out of mischief,as she ensured massive trainings for staffs and commissioners on assumption of duty, few years away having observed the dearth of administrative experiences and capabilities in most of the Commissioners.

Aside the routine training and retraining of staff and commissioners, she ensured prompt payment of salaries and allowances and also jerked up the emoluments in accordance with ensuring on the job motivation.

Hajiya Dankaka instituted reward and discipline system through and ensured seamless operations even during the emergency period of world global pandemic, and subsequent lockdown that came after then.

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With her appointment coming at the thick period of COVID, she took the challenges as an opportunity to reposition the moribund FCC that resulted in the current positive stead and achievements that had become a thing of vainglory before some or her commissioners.

Her undoing was her refusal to allow the business as usual prevalent before her assumption of duty to continue, hence the massive mobilisation against her virile leadership at the Commission.

In spiteĀ  of all the gimmicks and mischief, for a government that believes in hardwork, transparency and accountability, no doubt, Dr Muheeba Dankaka will live out her tenure at FCC with a high and unblemish public service records.

Yusuf, Is A Public Affairs Analyst, Writes from Abuja on email address yus.abubakar3@gmail.com.

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