Garba Abubakar; Driving Corporate Affairs Commission CAC For More Results In Nigeria.

Alhaji Garba Mohammed was appointed Registrar--General, Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC,
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Garba Abubakar; Driving Corporate Affairs Commission CAC For More Results In Nigeria.

By Abubakar Yusuf, Abuja.

Alhaji Garba Abubakar was appointed Registrar–General, Corporate Affairs Commission CAC with a dual advantage as a lawyer by profession, and an insider spanned for over two decades, armed with the intricacies and wealth of experiences towards repositioning the corridor of economic development of Nigeria in the current digital era.

No doubt, his appointment and confirmation at the heat of global health challenges of COVID among many others, he was able to introduce a lot of reforms that had advanced the cumbersome situations hitherto experienced by many Nigerians and foreigners at the commission.

Aside from the complementary roles of mitigating the negative consequences of both health and economic challenges of Nigerians through jobs and wealth creation in line with the federal government mandate of creating 100M jobs, his major efforts at reorganizing the commission as a gateway to foreign and local investments became sacrosanct, with the dire need of Nigeria towards industrialization.

He ensured the invention of a world-class registry of the company where all sorts of leakages and fraudulent activities of vendors and staffers were checked, through a series of permanent and workable measures put in place to nip in the bud any antics in the commission.

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In doing this, the Garba Mohammed-led commission envisaged sharp practices, hence the introduction of electronic registration of companies and rejection of similar companies to avoid fraudulent activities being perpetrated in the times past.

The positive development had relived the fight against endemic corruption that brought best practices and discipline to the entire system, as well as reprimanded erring staffs along with blacklisting vendors whose intention was to circumvent due process of the commission.

These checks and balances and other measures had brought to a halt and fight against fraudulent activities, fraudster from taking over people’s landed properties and assets using fictitious companies in collaboration with some disgruntled staffers of CAC.

This is in line with the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020 enacted by the National Assembly to protect individuals and corporate investors and their investments in Nigeria, as well as encouraged the influx of genuine business conglomerates who were anxiously waiting for a rejigged government policies that guaranteed both economic and social security.

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As part of the reforms carried out after his appointment, he eliminated the incidences of cloned signatures, as there was no more in existence, the ‘Certify True Copies and ‘Certified Extracts Documents’ that was prone to sharp practices and by the newly enacted CAMA law.

The invention of the Data privacy and protection act capable of checking lingering fraudulent acts being perpetrated by both vendors, company registrar’s, and investors was no longer in vogue, which had brought sanity into the newly introduced system by Garba Mohammed led CAC.

The review of checklist of some services by the commission that brought to an end continuous and deliberate delay in its activities was another shining example of leadership ingenuity, as the organization stopped forthwith the sharing of CAC assess to others to avoid avoidable frauds.

it also introduced an insolvency framework and evolve new regulations in its activities capable of driving the CAMA rules in compliance with the best practices the world over.

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The current success stories of Garba Mohammed as the new Registrar- General of the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC had imparted in the image of the country among the comity of nations where it will not be seen as dumping ground for sharp practices capable of exposing investors and their investments in Nigeria to drive the economy and another ancillary supports particularly at this critical period of global challenges of COVID-19 and economic recession.

A few years in office, his determination, and zeal to achieve results, had encouraged a bumper harvest of investment and investors that thronged into the country to engage in all sorts of local and international businesses that had in turn improved both bilateral and other relationships.

Alhaji Garba Mohammed was appointed Registrar--General, Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC,
Alhaji Garba Abubakar was appointed Registrar–General, Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC,

With determination to achieve more strides, it is expected that in a few years, the new Registrar-General will continue to bring to bear his large wealth of experiences to improved services of Corporate Affairs Commission CAC in Nigeria.

Written By Abubakar Yusuf from Abuja. T

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