Okpe Agenda moves to light up Streets come 2023

Streets light
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By Oshoname Ajagun.

A socio-cultural group, Okpe Agenda, has assured to light the entire Akoko-Edo, streets before April, 2023.

President of the association, Mr. Charles Aigbe, made this known to press men in Lagos in an interactive chat recently. He also made available the resolution of the association which can be found below;

Project Light Okpe Streets


Sometime in November, it was suggested there at home during the burial ceremony of one of our member’s father’s that we make *lighting(solar type) the streets of Okpe* one of our first significant projects in 2023. It was an idea which excited members of the Okpe Agenda who discussed it informally. And during the informal interaction, it was agreed that the issue should be brought to the general house for discussion and suggestions on how this very significant project will be carried out.

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The street light project will encourage night life, no doubt, boost evening businesses and reduce night-time dangers, as it is going to be an added advantage to the security operatives in manning the community at night effectively. It will also bring much desired joy to us as light is life.

The tentative schedule which is not to be debated is that it *must be done, and done before Easter, 2023* . Secondly, it will be driven by every *single household in Okpe.* This will make the project ‘our’ own – that sense of belonging. Every single household in Okpe will contribute to the project.

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The aspect which is open to suggestions/debate however is whether we should allow politicians around Akoko-Edo to donate towards the project – that is writing them with our official letterheaded papers soliciting for funds. Of course, the general elections is February 2023, they will come to seek votes from us, we could lash into this opportunity to also seek support from them if majority of us agree to it.

This preamble is necessary so that we will use this Christmas holiday to ponder about it anywhere we are, discuss about it at home, relate it with our people who are not on this platform, draw up cost estimate of the project, constitute committees to drive each aspect and as well device a comprehensive format for funds collection and execution.

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Thanks for your anticipated responses – on behalf of the OKpe Agenda Steering Committee

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