Patience Ozokwo breaks silence on why she refused to remarried after her hubby passed away

Mercy Johncy and Patience Ozokwo
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Patience Ozokwo is one of the most recognizable and famous actresses in Nigeria and whole of Africa continent.

She began her career in the Nigerian film industry known as Nollywood. Patience Ozokwo, who is well- known by many people under the moniker Mama G, has been in existence for a very long time.

During this span of time, we have never once heard about Patience changing her surname, adding a new surname, or even dating.

There are some individuals who have the misconception that the reason for this is because Patience is still married and lives with her husband, but this is not the truth.

In case you were unaware, Patience Ozokwo’ s husband passed away a very long time ago; nonetheless, she has not remarried and has continued to live her life as a widow up till the present day.

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Patience Ozokwo appeared as a special guest on the most recent episode of Mercy Johnson- web Okojie’ s series ” Mercy’ s Menu, ” which is hosted on YouTube. In the course of the episode, Patience disclosed the genuine explanation for why, despite the passage of so much time, she has never been married again. This is what Patience Ozokwo had to say about it.

Patience Johnson was questioned by Mercy Johnson about:

You are a mom, you are married, you lost your husband. How was that like, plus, why did you never remarry? Because we have many women particularly online asking. They say ” I can’ t do this, I can’ t do that, it’ s a taboo, I have to remain this way” . Was that a personal decision for you and if you wanted to, would you have, and why didn’ t you? ”

Patience Ozokwo and her lovely family
Patience Ozokwo and her lovely family

Patience Ozokwo:

” I actually wanted to re- marry but it was too late because my children were already grown and they pleaded with me and said ” we know why you want to re- marry but we want to ask you to please stay for us, we are going to be your husband that will take good care of you. Because we are all grown, so that our friends will not laugh at us that at our age, our mother had to go and re- marry” . It looks like they were selfish, but I understood why they did it. And it worked fine for me. So I decided not to re- marry. It is a huge sacrifice, but there is no sacrifice too huge for the family” .

Mercy Johncy:

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” But your children are everywhere: London, America, Canada, everywhere. How do you juggle? ”


” Well, I go to London when I have to be in London, especially on special days. Maybe there is a birthday to celebrate, or sometimes, my daughter just says come and have some rest. Then that’ s when I go to London. Sometimes they come too. Like I went to shoot in America and she had to come over. She said ” I’ ve not stayed with you in a long time, I want to take time off” . She took 10 days off and stayed with me while I shot that movie in 10 days”

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