We Are For Service Delivery, I Will Walk Out Anyone Who Visits Me With 2023 Permutations ~ Deputy Governor Onoja Says



His words are as follow:

Henceforth, I will walk out anyone who visits me and so much as mentions plans for a 2023 project that no mortal has control over,
Not even the next moment can you guarantee!

Permit me to ask, can any of us tell what will happen tomorrow? As a Believer, I have learnt never to be ahead of the One who sees the hidden things of the dark and who owns the future. It’s the fastest way to truncating ones destiny.

The 2019 Kogi state gubernatorial elections have come and gone. We thank the Almighty God and our good people on the reelection of Governor Yahaya Bello for a second term in office, with me as his deputy. Throughout the campaigns His Excellency premised his request for a second term on the promise to do more and as his loyal follower I echo that resolve.

However, the 2nd term starts after inauguration on the 27th of January, 2020. Till then, our determination and duty is to serve out this current term as strongly and as successfully as possible.

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As at today, neither His Excellency nor myself have any other desire other than completing our existing mandate with excellence and then improving on our performance in the one to come.

In fact, the serious business of providing good governance to the people of Kogi state has since commenced.

Though, I do not have anything against destiny but God-given destiny is an honour which no man takes upon himself. In fact, destiny is a ‘shy spirit’ which likes to hide itself.


It has a way of meeting a man while he is engaged in his dutiful routine of today while doing everything to evade those who go running around looking for it.

One of my favourite Bible characters, is David. The story of how he became King of Israel when nobody, including his father, gave him a chance is a classic tale of destiny finding and uplifting somebody while totally writing off others. David was away in the fields doing his normal job of tending sheep when destiny came in the form of Prophet Samuel to anoint a king from among the sons of Jesse, his father. After they did everything to push the prophet to anoint another person, he discovered the family had a last son whom they did not even believe had any glory in his future. Prophet Samuel directed them to fetch David and immediately he arrived the Holy Spirit identified him for the job and the rest is history.

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The point I am trying to make here is that I, Edward DAVID son of Onoja, am not in agreement with those who have started ‘seeing a bison’ for 2023 and making provocative permutations for me, 2023 is a river, when we get to it God will show us how to cross it.

For now, allow me to settle down and do the current job my boss has assigned to me.

As for those who have begun to lobby for offices in the coming dispensation, just note that there is nothing wrong with that one but if your strategy is to bad mouth others with fabricated lies and all manner of falsehoods, do yourself a favor and evaluate yourself first.

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What did you do better than others in the last 4 years, including your performance at the polls. Just to avoid heartbreak o.

Chief Onoja is the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, was a former powerful Chief of Staff to the Governor, hail from Ogugu, Olamaboro LG in the eastern region of the State.

The incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello had on several occasions described his relationship with Chief Onoja as twins brother which equally stated that no one can come between them.

Chief Onoja is regarded by Kogi youths as father of empowerment strategist who through his influenced gave them lots of opportunities.