2023: Residents evaluates governance in Ikwuano/Umuahia extraction of Abia

The candidate of Hon Obilor Ogbonna for the seat of Ikwuano/Umuahia federal Constituency of Abia state in the house of Representatives
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By Chijindu Emeruwa, Abia.

The candidate of Hon Obilor Ogbonna for the seat of Ikwuano/Umuahia federal Constituency of Abia state in the house of Representatives, has elicited hope in the people of the Abia extraction for a better Ikwuano/Umuahia, as they said the latter remain the best among equal for the plum job in 2023, hinting that he possessed the requisite capacity, needed competence and the expertise to attract critical economic and infrastructural amenities that would enhance their livelihoods.

They maintained that gone are those days they are being blindfolded, and their futures would be mortgaged by politicians, especially, those they have entrusted their mandates and as well, those seeking elective political offices, and after they had gotten elected into the public offices, they would abandoned governance, to siphoning of public funds to acquire properties and enrich family members, close friends and few culprits aiding and abetting the massive looting of these politicians.

But the people of Ikwuano/Umuahia federal constituency of Abia state, have resolved at this moment the 2023 general election is fast approaching, that they would end the poor representation of the constituency by successive occupants of the national assembly seat, and ensure an effective and responsive representation is enthroned to serve the interest of the people from Constituency, and as well as fostered democratic representation shrouded on the attraction of building of critical projects to enhance the growth and development of Ikwuano/Umuahia federal Constituency.

Watchers of political events especially on the activities of all participating political parties and their candidates for the coming 2023 main elections unfolds on daily basis, disclosed that they have taken their precious time to critically assess the qualities of people in the 2023 race for the Ikwuano/umuahia federal constituency seat in house of representatives, and their parties, and submitted that, Hon Obilor Ogbonna stood tall among others, as he has wherewithal to rewrite the narrative of governance in Ikwuano/Umuahia area.

In a chat with our Correspondent in Umuahia, the Abia state capital on Monday, Mr Maxwell Onyebuchi, who hailed from Ibeku in Umuahia north local government area of Abia state, opined that the All Progressive Congress (APC) made a good choice in the election of Hon Obilor Ogbonna at its concluded national assembly primary elections held across the state and posited that Ogbonna has demonstrated capacity in the world of private sector, philanthropy, community development, party affairs and youths, men and women empowerment and development.

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Onyebuchi also hinted that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party that which had continued to produce occupants for the federal seat has failed to sponsor bills and make laws that would give the Ikwuano/Umuahia federal constituency an economic and Infrastructural facelifts for business and other fields of human livelihoods to thrive.

According to him, “i have carefully analysed all candidates of participating political parties for the forthcoming general election in Abia state come 2023, particularly in my constituency, and i discovered that successive representatives have failed in all indices of governance.

“There is total absence of government’s meaningful Infrastructural amenities despite huge funds being allocated to the federal lawmakers from the federation account. You can attest to the facts that Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene road had been in complete deplorable conditions since the assumption of the democratic dispensation in Nigeria today.

“My joy today is people are no longer voting for political parties, because what we are seeing in this country particularly since the current administration came into power in Abia. And we will decide our futures, and i believed that the coming elections, the masses will speak with one voice; that’s to use our Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) and vote in credible people who have the requisite and the needed capacity, to address numerous of our yearnings, Importantly in the area of social amenities and attract government’s attention to dilapidated federal structures, sited or constructed by past leaders of the blessed memories. People like Michael Okpara, the former Premier of the Eastern of Nigeria, who used agricultural produce to build Infrastructural roads, Dr Samuel Mbakwe, the former Governor of Old Imo state, who judiciously utilized the resources given to them then, and invest in the development of impactful projects for good of the populaces.

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“What i will say as regards to the national assembly exchange of political brickbats by major power brokers and major political players over the seat of Ikwuano/Umuahia federal constituency seat at the national assembly in 2023. APC will achieve feats in the coming elections, for fielding one of its best, Hon Obilor Ogbonna, i strongly believe that he will bring his vast wealths of experience to bear, and this and many other peoples-oriented ideas that he”ll replicate within one year of assumption of office. I can tell you without fears, unbiased, financial inducements and political influence, that Ogbonna enjoys enormous goodwill of the electorates across all political party divides, both non- Indigenes and tenants residing at the Ikwuano/Umuahia areas, ranging from traders, pupils, students and artisans. All are going to support him during exercise slated next year. There are no two ways about it. Summarily, i will advise other candidates to step down and collapse their structures and queue behind Obilor Ogbonna. The support he’s getting from people on daily basis had already shown what the outcomes of the coming exercise would turn out to be.

“We can equally testify that APC and Obilor Ogbonna have gained overwhelming and unprecedented endorsements of the electorates from Ikwuano/Umuahia political bloc. And in our communities, he had carried out impactful men and women Programmes, that had yielded greater impacts and benefits to the indigent people from the Constituency as most of them are now business shop owners, and which most of them also, caters for their respective families and homes”.

In her opinion, Madam Ifeoma ibeabuchi, who trades on provisions and beverages at Nkwoegwu Ohuhu, regretted that the Ikwuano/umuahia bloc is completely lagging behind in Infrastructural growths, maintaining that enough have not been done to address core and fundamental problems facing the areas, and further stated that eligible voters from the federal Constituency would use this period of electioneering process to enthrone a responsive, effective and purposeful representation of Ikwuano and Umuahia local areas at the lower chamber of the Nigeria national assembly.

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Mrs Ibeabuchi expressed concern on the worsening condition of road Infrastructure, and also lamented at the hardship and floods commercial drivers and commuters always encountered on the dilapidated Umuahia-Ikwuano roads, as he further frowned at the insensitivity of the those representing the people at the federal level towards the plights of residents, drivers and commuters plying the federal road.

Asked to assess the developmental agendas of all candidates vying for the house of representatives election for Ikwuano/Umuahia federal constituency seat come 2023, She said PDP has failed the masses due to its “I don’t care behaviours” it has continued to display in tackling the challenges associated with deplorable road Infrastructure.

She said she would use his PVC to vote for the APC as far as Abia state is concerned, and maintained in clear terms that APC is the only alternative to bring the needed leadership to the door steps of the people, and affirmed that she would vote for Hon Obilor Ogbonna as he has positively improve the welfare of traders selling their products within the ohuhu areas.

Mrs Ibeabuchi said she is convinced that that the APC House of Representatives candidate, Ogbonna will live up to expectations and will address the basic needs of the people from Ikwuano/Umuahia federal Constituency when elected come 2023.

According to her, “you can see that people are really yearning for him, because, he has one or two ways impacted lives, especially in the lives of our childrens, who are the youths to be self dependent and self reliant to take care of themselves without even minding we, the parents.

“For me and entire household will vote for Obilor Ogbonna. And most of the traders, i can tell you affirmatively are with him. His humility and simplicity are second to none”.

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