Do EFCC Chairman think Kogi White Lion ‘Bello’ is such a fool that he will walk straight into the trap of his enemies?

Do EFCC Chairman think Kogi White Lion ‘Bello’ is such a fool that he will walk straight into the trap of his enemies?

……Lauds Ozekhome SAN for his truthful stand

For a very long time that I have grown to know a legal luminary known as Mike Agbedor Abu Ozekhome, I must confess that the respect I have for him has increased greatly especially his contribution to the Press Conference conveyed by the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Olanipekun Olukoyede. I am damn happy that Ozekhome took his precious time to take that stooge of Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the cleaners.

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I will add more flesh to what Ozekhome wrote using the format of an interview thus:

Ozekhome: I’m on the side of Justice and rule of law.

Me: You have always been on the side of Justice and a die hard follower of the Rule of Law. May you live long by God’s grace.

Ozekhome: My own take here is: why inviting Yahaya Bello through a personal phone call when it’s an offense against the state?

Me: The EFCC Chairman is acting a script written for him that is why he has become so daft to reason effectively. If not, how many of the ex- Governor’s on the wanted list of the EFCC has he placed a personal phone call to?

Ozekhome: Why offering to use a personal office for interrogation when it’s a court case?

Me: Do not mind the Chairman of the EFCC who is only thinking through his anus. He thinks when a fool like him is talking the wise people that we are will be too tired to listen and to sieve away the arrant nonsense he is vomitting. If not, does he think Yahaya Bello is such a fool that he will walk straight into the trap of his enemies?

Ozekhome: Why is your Secretary sending a personal message to Yahaya Bello when you can easily go through the court or his personal lawyer?

Me: This is to simply confirm the truth inherent in the proverb that says, “Birds of the same feather flock together.” When the head is bereft of wisdom it is possible for the other parts of the body which the Secretary belongs to partake in the no wisdom percentage that is the portion of his boss.

Ozekhome: Who are you so pathetic about the financial status of Kogi State? What informed his decision to label Kogi a poor state?

Me: There are so many proverbs to qualify the path of the unwise that the Chairman of the EFCC and his cohorts are following. I have never seen a situation where a person cries more than the bereaved. Kogi State Government is the body that controls the finances of the state. They have not come out to tell the whole world that their money is lost.

Calling Kogi State a poor State is a derogatory statement. Kogi State is not poor. This is a state that we have Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (AJSCL,) National Mining Ore Company (NIOMCO). The Obajana Cement Company is in Kogi State. We have got so many untapped natural resources in the state. I am so sad that the Chairman of the EFCC cannot tell the Bola Ahmed Tinubu led Federal Government he is working for to spend all the billions he claimed the EFCC has recovered since he came on board to bring to life the dead companies in Kogi State. The poverty ridden status he has christened Kogi State during his Press Conference is a status caused by the Federal Government.

Ozekhome: Why is he attaching a personal sentiment by saying he’ll resign if he couldn’t prosecute Yahaya Bello?

Me: This statement from the Chairman of the EFCC clearly shows that he is really working for a particular henchman which is Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I wonder why all of a sudden Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has become a black sheep in the eyes of Yahaya Bello. This is the same Yahaya Bello that handed over his Presidential Campaign office to Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


The same Yahaya Bello that made the APC primary election possible for Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be the party’s flag bearer. The same Yahaya Bello that fought tooth and nail to see that Bola Ahmed Tinubu win Kogi State during the Presidential election. The same Yahaya Bello that Bola Ahmed Tinubu later reframed his campaign slogan to coast to victory at the Presidential polls.


Just as the lion pounces and devour other animals in the jungle who are its prey, the same way it is that Yahaya Bello will make sure that the Chairman of the EFCC will hang his boot in next to no time. The whole world is waiting for him to resign because we are cocksure Yahaya Bello will win this war against him by a gang of shameless enemies.

Ozekhome: Now on what offense are you declaring him wanted? The 80. 2bn or the 720k dollars?

Me: They are a confused lot and together they will be washed off the shore of shame. They do not even know what they are after. It would have been better for them to dwell only on the matter of Bobrisky than for them to take the risk of daring to rise and team up against the WHITE LION.

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Ozekhome: Finally, why do you instruct your boys to mount surveillance in his residence when you don’t have an injunction to do so?

Me: Once you put a round peg in a square hole what has happened now is the result you will get. I am wondering when the EFCC started acting like a kid apping and robbery gang. If the Chairman of the EFCC is not sent to jail for going against a Court Injunction then Nigeria in the words of Nnamdi Kanu is indeed a jungle.

Ozekhome: The EFCC chairman should not create Loophole in this issue.

Me: He has already created a loophole, a vacuum and an abyss that is grossly against the law of the land. The heavens and the earth are already against him and all that he represents.

Ozekhome: You can’t enforce the law by breaking the law.

Me: Thank you so much my legal luminary for making explicit the position of the law to a Chairman who is only knowledgeable in how amala and gbegiri is made and swallowed without taking a second to study hard on how to relate with our own darling fluffy and white lion, Yahaya Bello.

Osaro Benjamin wrote from Benin in Edo State, Nigeria