Edo 2024: Where is Akpata?

Edo 2024: Where is Akpata?

By Sophia Osadolor.

From my observation, it seems the candidate of the Labour Party, LP, is gradually realizing that the election for him is over before it has even started. This observation is flowing from the fact that Mr Olumide Akpata who would later sneak Osaigbovo into his name to look Benin is gradually escorting himself from the gubernatorial electioneering in Edo State.

Although Akpata was already out of the scene, his bloody altercation in the University of Benin, Uniben, which piqued him against the people further withdrew him into his shell. All attempts to pull off the veil of violence that ensued in the university club house from his head has proven abortive.

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First, he did an unfortunate video accusing the Edo State government and the ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP of masterminding the protest that ended in blood. This week, he also did a full page advertorial in one of the dailies to further explain what transpired. All efforts have not yielded much results as he is being seen as a man of full blown violence.


How would he manage to explain to the electorates in Edo South Senatorial District that a lecturer in Uniben was wounded under his watchful eyes during the altercation a citadel of learning? Any voter who knows his onions in Edo South should not waste his vote for him, it will be a wasted vote.

Mr Olumide Akpata, Edo State Labour Party, LP, gubernatorial candidate
Mr Olumide Akpata, Edo State Labour Party, LP, gubernatorial candidate

He does not even stand on the tripod of Justice, Equity and Fairness, JEF since Governor Obaseki, the outgoing governor is from the same senatorial district with him.

The truth is, Akpata is not a politician. All he want to do is to lash on the Obidient Movement that saw the LP won Edo State in the general election in 2023. It was this opportunity that also saw Senator Nedun Imasuen through during the same well election. Today, he has abandoned the people who voted for him.

The Obidient Movement, which was used by several Nigerians across different political parties to support Mr Peter Obi, was for the awakening of the consciousness of youthful generation who saw hope in him.


However, the movement did not outlive the election because of the outcome where Peter came distant 3rd. No doubt, Nigerians responded with the Obidient Movement over the economic hardship, insecurity, lack of leadership direction and others.


All these has created a mood of national hopelessness. Obi’s campaign, though more populist than realistic, emphasized without details, visionary and accountable leadership, which seemed to have been lacking in Nigerian politics. But today, Peter Obi is not on the ballot box in Edo State to help Akpata’s nestling aspiration.

From the onset, most the LP members did not like Akpata. He came against their ideals – bamboozling the members with money. He bought vehicles for them and other items without carrying the leadership of the party along. He practically arrested the structure of the party with force and money. It was alleged from multiple sources that he masterminded the arrest and humiliation of the National Chairman, Julius Abure Esq. It was also alleged by delegates that he gave $1,000 to each of them for voting for him. No wonder, the party leadership is not with him. One of them told me recently in Benin that,


“We don’t know him. Where was he when we were supporting and doing the ground work for our leader, Peter Obi, to win Edo State? We didnt see him then. He wants to reap where he didnt sow. Today, his choice of deputy, an unknown lady in Edo politics, is facing issues of documentations with INEC. Is that not a dent on our image? The truth is, I have left LP for him because it is a wild goose chase. I am joining forces with one of the two candidates left that I am sure can win the election.”

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Akpata did not read well the mood of this Third Army, the Obidient Movement, before foraying into the Edo State politics. The youthful social media supporters that actually translated to voters have since fizzled out…what is left are few individuals who just want to embezzle his mobilization funds.