Dekina/Bassa people lauds Rep Paul Gowon Haruna on empowerment, enhancing infrastructural development

Dekina/Bassa people lauds Rep Paul Gowon Haruna on empowerment, enhancing infrastructural development

The delegation of Hon. Paul Gowon Haruna, IJN, Representing the good people of Bassa/Dekina Federal Constituency, embarked on a multifaceted programme on 2nd May 2024 at his Federal Constituency in Kogi State.

The aimed was uplifting various aspects of community life and the delegation led by his Senior Legislative Aide, Hon. Achile Salihu, the delegation engaged in impactful initiatives benefiting constituents across several localities. Which includes:-

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Ajetachi Anyigba Water Rehabilitation Initiative: The delegation initiated the rehabilitation of the water infrastructure in Ajetachi Anyigba by allocating a substantial sum of 1.3 million Naira to the stakeholders to enable them rehabilitate Ajetachi Water. This investment aims to enhance access to clean and potable water, addressing a fundamental need for the community.


The delegation proceeded to dekina town, Headquarters of Dekina Ward whose turn is to benefit from his two million naira (2m) ward monthly project support fund funded from his salary and emoluments for the month of April 2024.

The to Monthly Salary and Emoluments were disbursed to the ward stakeholders led by the head of the ward traditional rulers, His, Royal Highness, The Achema/Onu dekina, Chief Sumaila Ejih who received the money on behalf of the community.

In the presence of the Ward stakeholders, the delegation equally presented the sum of #200,000.00k requested for the maintenance work of Dekina Vigilante group office building. The cash amount was presented to the Vigilante group Commandant, Mr Kumasi dekina.

Empowering Odu-ogodoanya Football Team: The Team handed over the sum of #100,000.00k to Odu-ogodoanya football team, Recognizing the role of sports in community development and uniting the people, the delegation concluded its program by donating the cash amount to the Odu-ogodoanya football team.

This support will facilitate the purchase of football kits, fostering youth engagement, teamwork, and healthy competition within the community.

Hon. Paul Gowon Haruna IJN’s constituency delegation exemplifies a proactive approach to governance, prioritizing grassroots development and community empowerment.

Through strategic investments and targeted initiatives, the delegation is contributing to the socioeconomic advancement and well-being of constituents, thereby fulfilling its mandate to serve and uplift the people of his Constituency.

Rotr. Khalid Bala (Khalid Kay)
Media Aide to Rt. Hon. Paul Gowon Haruna IJN
Member House of Representatives
Bassa/ Dekina Federal Constituency.