Edo 2024: The inequities of Akpata’s politics

Edo 2024: The inequities of Akpata’s politics

.…He does not have a fair bone in his body

As the 2024 Edo governorship election hots up, many people are alarmed as to the level of mudslinging and Machiavellian orchestrations that have characterized the contest since the kick-off of the campaigns, as has been the case with governorship elections in the State in recent times.

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In elections, all is fair and just. Actors exploit every possible advantage to delegitimize their opponents. While this is fair game in politics as everyone is seeking to have an upper hand in the contest, it is also imperative to interrogate certain elements that seem to be taken for granted.

This brings us to the curious case of the candidate of Labour Party in the September 21 governorship election, Olu Akpata, who has elected to contest for the stool in pursuit of a personal ambition not minding the optics and self-serving nature of his quest.

It is easy to see that should Akpata emerge victorious in the polls, he would easily extend the reign of Edo South Senatorial District in Dennis Osadebey House for another four years.

This would mean that the third leg in the Edo tripod, the Esans of Edo Central part of the State, would be denied the opportunity to serve the people for another 20 years after a still-born stint in government in 2007. This would be totally unfair.

It is only proper and just to afford our people in Edo Central the opportunity to govern the State and contribute to its development. As things stand now, the pendulum ought to swing their way.

While the two major political parties have kept faith to this unwritten consensus, Akpata forced his way through within the ranks of the Labour party and snatched the party’s governorship ticket just because he feels he can intimidate the party leadership with his clout and financial muscle.

To this end, it is clear that he has no fair bone in him and has started off on a note that signals a penchant to oppress the weak and enthrone nepotism. This much has been made clear in his campaign materials where he has consistently passed the message that Edo South must subdue others and dominate them in politics.

This is a recipe for disaster and is not what we should encourage given how far the State has come in fostering harmony across senatorial districts and ensuring inclusion, which drives sustainable development.

So is it an Akpata who failed to honour this unwritten rule that would work to promote inclusion if he should take power. His politics is bad for Edo; it is one steeped in inequities. He must be stopped else he fans the embers of disunity and rides on the testosterones of ethnic domination to cause a crisis in our dear State.


It is high time we see him for what he truly is and distance ourselves from his unsavory, unconscionable and distasteful campaign, which only seeks to divide and not engender unity in the State. The time to put an end to this is now and we must all rise to defend our rich and collective heritage as a people.