2024: Edo Voters expresses concerns over Senator Okpebholo’s Troubled Personal Life

2024: Edo Voters expresses concerns over Senator Okpebholo’s Troubled Personal Life

By Ojeifo Akhere

Senator Monday Okpebholo, also known as Akpakomiza, is a prominent figure in Edo State politics, currently serving as the Senator representing Edo Central. However, his personal life has been marred by a string of failed marriages and abandoned children, raising questions about his suitability for public office.


According to sources close to the Senator, he has been married three times, with all three unions ending in divorce. Moreover, he has allegedly abandoned his four children from these marriages, leaving them without proper education or support, despite his considerable wealth.

This revelation has sparked concerns among voters, particularly in light of his candidacy for the upcoming Governorship election on September 21st, 2024.

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His running mate, Hon. Dennis Idahosa, a Federal House Representatives for Ovia North East and West federal Constituency in Edo South, has also faced scrutiny from the former Governor of Edo State, Senator Adams Oshiomhole who once alleged that Hon Dennis Idahosa has been involved in Advanced Free Fraud (419)

“This is known first hand and verified. Monday Okpebholo has been married three times and all three marriages have crashed to the extent that he isn’t in talking terms with the women or their children.

“One of the former wives is based in Warri, Delta State, and one is even from his home town in Uromi yet the woman couldn’t stay with him with all that wealth.

“Ever wondered why he never talks about his family. All he says is “my sister swallowed soda water and died”, “my mother called me Akpakomiza from birth”.

“He has four children from all the failed marriages, he isn’t invested in their lives at all, he’s currently trying to do a contract marriage to present to the public as his wife.

“One of the wives name is Aimeya Arikhan on Facebook she used to be Aimeya Arikhan Okpebholo but removed the Okpebholo last month.


“She is from his home town in Uromi. She and her family don’t want to be associated with monday at all. She’s still Aimeya Okpebholo on LinkedIn. They were married for two years 8 months”, the source said.