Edo citizen Ehime writes Open Letter To Senator Monday Okpebholo over his reckless statement on Ighodalo

Edo citizen Ehime writes Open Letter To Senator Monday Okpebholo over his reckless statement on Ighodalo

Dear Senator Monday Okpebholo,

I bring you greetings. I am an indigene of Edo State but resident here in Lagos. From my surname, you should be able to guess that I am from Edo Central Senatorial District, and importantly, not far from your Uwuesan community. This should suffice for introduction, I guess.


On Tuesday, May 14th, you caused to be written and published by your media aide, John Mayaki, a laughable and unsolicited advice that the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Asue Ighodalo, should step down from the race because of “alleged loyalty to anti-Oba agenda.”

Mayaki and his futile attempt to drag Ighodalo into the Oba suit

This is what I want to address in this letter. It is trite that he who alleges must show proof. I hope you will be able to do that beyond the realms of mischief and propaganda at the appropriate time and place.

First, as an individual, I don’t usually have time for this kind of propaganda and lies from the pit of hell. But for the fact that it is a direct insult to my candidate, whom I have advised my family people back home to vote for, I have taken it upon myself to refute your lies.

Like I told them, your advice is like a mound of clay advising the SOLID GOLD in an electoral contest to withdraw from the race so that it can have a field day. It won’t happen sir. You are daydreaming. Please, perish the thought.

Second, I have to respond so as to guide the good people of Edo State, who are at home and are likely to vote, to disregard your evil advice. I personally scorn at your satanic suggestion.

You want Edo State to go back to the days of Lions and Tigers?

Do you want Edo State to go back to the days when pensioners fall down and die while waiting for their pensions? You want Edo State to go back to when civil servants are owed months of salaries?

Do you want a reversal of the progress the state has made in several aspects of life? Your scheme is dead on arrival, distinguished Senator. My candidate will not oblige your request. So, be prepared for a debate that will be intellectually charged.

Thirdly, I am not surprised at your unsolicited advice. It is usual for the deficient and inadequate, to suggest that others who are better equipped, endowed and rounded go away from a contest to allow them to do a solo performance. You lie, stop dreaming, it will not happen!

It is evident that you have absolutely nothing to offer the good people of Edo State other than propaganda. Of course, I don’t expect anything from you who is reported to be hiding during the day and sneaking out at night? You are free to continue this protocol of nocturnal life.

But I need to remind you, Senator sir, that your criminal libel and actionable insinuations made against Dr Asue Ighodalo on your behalf by your Director of Media, John Mayaki, are all designed satanic agenda to rope an innocent man into what he knows nothing about simply because you cannot match him in any aspect of life. That agenda has failed. Those concerned have announced plans to settle the matter out of court.

Let me state here for the record, that Dr Asue Ighodalo has the highest regard and respect for the Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo Ewuare II, the Palace and the tradition of our people. And that he has no hand whatsoever, remotely or otherwise, in the case referenced by you. That he would never, not even in his dream, do anything to disrespect, demean or cause to bring into disrepute the highly revered ancient throne of the Benin Kingdom. Senator Okpebholo, please know this and know peace.

I advise you to desist from lies, propaganda and mischief against an innocent man. Dr Asue Ighodalo is innocent of all your allegations and criminal defamation. Stop hiding during the day and sneaking out at night, I repeat. Go and engage Edo State people. They want to hear you talk of your plans for them if ever you can coherently articulate and adequately express yourself. Stop dragging our revered father and Oba into politics. It is unbecoming of you as a federal lawmaker.

As an individual, I know you have nothing to offer the people of Edo State. Did you not resume at the Senate the same day with Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, APC Ekiti Central? Between June 2023 and February 28, 2024, a total of 502 bills were presented on the floor of the Senate. While Sen Opeyemi has 19 Bills to his name, the only one you presented was shot down during first reading. Why? No substance!


Edo deserves better, Edo State doesn’t need a governor who cannot read even a prepared text. You know Edo State people have rejected you even before the election. That’s why you have made lies and propaganda against Dr Ighodalo the pillar and cornerstone of your campaign. Sir, peddling lies and propaganda won’t save you on September 21.

Thank you.

Fredrick Odion Ehime, Lagos.