Edo 2024: Stop the Greed Okpebholo

Edo 2024: Stop the Greed Okpebholo

By Iyamu osamudiamen impactvision

Now that it’s election time, I have just a simple reason for not promoting his ambition, yet again. Monday Okpebholo should not canvas for votes a second time when his mandate is still running. Akpakomiza, as he the All Progressive Congress, APC, gubernatorial candidate is also called, is a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A serving senator who knew what he wanted, begged his senatorial district for votes, with lofty promises, the people believed him, he swore not to disappoint them or abandon them. Just a year down the line, it’s a fresh ambition. Must he be the one to go there? One leg in the senate, one leg digging for gold at the governor’s office. That to me is not only selfish, it’s a betrayal of trust. How can the people trust that the same Akpakomiza will not abandon the mandate and take up a ministerial position if he is offered by Tinubu?

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Akpakomiza makes one feels that the Esan people have no other candidate, but a serving senator.

As If to further show desperation, the running mate, Hon. Dennis Idahosa, AKA Denco, is also in the National Assembly as a representative, and ready to betray the people that gave him the mandate. Why are we so insensitive? Both governorship and the running mate are people who were not ready, in the first place, for the elective position.


It appears they were not sure or prepared for legislative business. They didn’t understand the calling. They went in there only to discover that they were/ not the right persons for the job. It’s a shame. You cannot campaign through the length and breadth of your district, only to abandon your mandate.

My message to Honourable Akpakomiza, as a friend, is simple: Kindly concentrate on the mandate in your hand and deliver the dividends of democracy through legislative advocacy. You knew you were the best and most qualified. You told us that you knew what you were going for. Why does it now seem you are confused about your role as a senator? Please, we have not reprocessed you for any other position yet. You have over three years as a senator to redeem your mandate and provide the dividends to the people.

I have nothing personal against your ambition. Except that you appear not to have the political focus. Please, get back to your seat at the senate because your people cannot suffer non representation, as it seems. To me, you have abandoned the seat and your running mate too has.


As the Edo State people go to the polls, we don’t want to remind you of this betrayal.

For now, the position of a governor in Edo which becomes vacant as from September, is for for Dr Asue Ighodalo.