Edo 2024: Ugbome Hosts TIME

Edo 2024: Ugbome Hosts TIME

….Lauds members for their undying passion and hope despite the challenges.

By Andrew Osazuwa

A former Chief Whip of the Edo State House of Assembly, former Etsako Central Local Government Area Executive Chairman, and one of the Edo North Senatorial District’s members of the Board of Trustees of The Ighodalo Movement for Edo People, TIME Rt. Hon. Barr. Paschal Ugbome in the afternoon of Friday, May 17, 2024, hosted representatives of TIME, led by the Director General, Engr. Dr. Mike O. Enahoro received briefing and efforts so far made by the movement in the past months.

In the depositions that the Movement is making tremendous progress focusing on the vision, mission, and objectives of TIME, the Director General said, “Sir, I want to once again salute you for the undiluted courtesy you have showcased always displayed that you further this morning. Only a call, you gave us an appointment to enable us to brief you on our update. If it is not Barr. Paschal Ugbome, it can never be Barr. Paschal Ugbome.

You are just who you are and not a pretentious selfish politician who drain others and are only saints because they have a mission. Despite how you have been pushed in our party, it has not stopped who you are. You are a true role model. May God continue to bless you for the emulatable qualities, sir. Our leader sir, we are here to brief you on how far we have gone, sir.

Firstly, let me say that the movement is surviving majorly on the passion of its members, the realism of the idea, and their strong belief and conviction in the project, and most importantly because we have a Principal who also believes in us.

The above informed the reason members of TIME are going the extra mile, making contributions, reaching out, and pursuing the mission, vision, and objectives of TIME with vigour. As of today, TIME’s presence is now felt in the 4,519 Units.

We have successfully inaugurated the Management Team members and the 18 LGA Coordinators. We have also inaugurated 18 Assistant LGA Coordinators, Ward Administrators, and Assistant Ward Administrators in 8 LGAs; Ovia North East, Central, Esan North East, Esan South East, Esan West, Igueben, Etsako Central and Owan East Local Government Areas of Edo State.

We are hoping that in the next few weeks, we will have completed the inauguration as soon as we have the cooperation of the concerned Chairmen. After that, we will enter the next stage. We might be trapped with inadequacies but however, we are glad that we have team members who understand that we have a task at hand that is beyond the political usuals, hence the efforts.”


In his brief remarks, the multiple awards winner, the most valuable youth-friendly and most accessible politician in Edo State, Barr. Paschal Ugbome, said, “Do not be tired. I want to sincerely commend TIME for the great initiative and work you are doing. The party recognized the efforts and impact it would make in the whole process. Just keep on with the good work you guys are doing. Ensure all the activities of TIME are known to our principal.

Truly and surely, the challenges TIME is facing are associated with politics. The good thing is that TIME is making progress and is very visible to everyone. Once again, I wish to commend you guys and encourage you to keep on remaining on top of the job. Be rest assured that when the appropriate unit of the Campaign Council commences activities fully, I am sure the DG will no doubt be reminded to do the needful.”

Among those who were in the meeting were, the Director of Special Duties, Hon. Orobor O. Sonia, Director of Publicity, Mrs. Felicity Okpo-Obaje, Ikpoba-Okha LGA Coordinator, Mr. Andrew Osazuwa, and Oredo LGA Coordinator, Mr. Osayende Osagie.