Upholding the Values and Tradition in Edo PDP: A Call for Healing and Cohesion — Inwowoh

Upholding the Values and Tradition in Edo PDP: A Call for Healing and Cohesion — Inwowoh

In the dynamic terrain of Edo State politics, one political party stands as a formidable shield against discord and illegality: the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). At the core of its existence lies a commitment to upholding basic principles and preserving the fundamental values that define it essence.


Now more than ever as the state prepares for the next phase of governance, it is imperative that every stakeholder within the PDP ecosystem recognizes their responsibility in safeguarding the integrity of the party.

Central to this endeavour is the unequivocal rejection of any attempts to sow seeds of discords and division that could wreck the fortunes of the party in the forthcoming Gubernatorial Election.

The “Legacy” Alliance cum coalition as earlier embraced was based on Principles And Discipline with the motive of sustaining the core values and integrity of our great party ensuring that illegality does not find comfort around us, any attempt by some individuals who can be easily identified as “Merchants of Crisis” to hijack the operations of the Legacy Coalition for their well known selfish Agenda will be resisted and not tolerated.

It is rather unfortunate that those who feasted on the division of the party these past years are now hiding under the Legacy Cloak to wreck more havoc after falling out of favour in the sight of the former collaborators. Enough Is Enough!

Self forgiveness and general healing must be embraced as precursor in this journey towards cohesion despite past grievances and perceived injustices suffered. The PDP must now rise above the shadows of its history, embracing a future where every member is valued and every voice heard.

From the Northern reaches of Edo voices resonates with discontents yet tempered with hopes. Despite feeling shortchanged and overlooked, there should be a collective resolved to embrace the future. Asuelimeh Ighodalo emerged as a Ray of hope, symbolizing a departure from the past and a step towards the brighter future. Asue Ighodalo who is the Gubernatorial candidate of our great party from his body language beam a sigh of hope for good things to come for the party no matter how shortchanged or neglected some key members of the party felt, the candidate has shown capacity and readiness to accommodate all and operate a WELCOME ALL system.

Yet, beyond party lines lies a deeper concern for the essence of Edo as a state and the over 5 Million Edolites whose fortunes for the next 4 years will be decided come September 21st 2024. The Labour Party’s offerings falls short of the clarion call for equity and fairness by fielding a candidate from same zone as the incumbent who has spent 8 successful years on the seat of power.

The APC candidate fails to embody the sophistication and competence expected of a true Captain as far as Our dear state is concerned. In contrast, the candidacy of Asue Ighodalo represents a convergence of Values and Preparedness aligning seamlessly with the ethos of great Edolites.


In this pivotal moment where Nigeria is failing economically and otherwise then the state of Edo cannot afford to whip up emotional sentiments over pragmatism and competence. The candidacy of Asue Ighodalo symbolizes not only a departure from the past but a bold step towards a future where the collective well-being of every citizen is prioritised above anything else.

To the best of my knowledge Asue Ighodalo have not held any political office before to have been adjudged a success or failure so he is coming clean and too pure to be made to pay for the sins of another. It is incumbent upon every member of the PDP indeed every citizen of Edo State to rally behind this vision to join the moving train towards the actualization of its mission to return the PDP to Osadabe Avenue come September 21st 2024.

Together, let us forge a path towards a brighter tomorrow united in purpose and unfeigned in our commitment to the ideals of integrity, inclusivity and progress. The PDP stands as the most credible party offering that vision of progress, unity and prosperity for all Edolites.

Member Ward 3 PDP Etsako East LGA and Former House Of Assembly Aspirant representing
Etsako East Constituency.