Edo 2024:  Okpebholo faces more challenge as he visit US 

Edo 2024:  Okpebholo faces more challenge as he visit US 

By Odion Ikhine Ojo

There is obvious distress in the Edo State All Progressive Congress, APC, over the consistent public show of shame by its gubernatorial candidate, Senator Monday Okpebholo. And this was heightened by his recent visit to the US where he spoke to members of the diaspora community.

The capricious candidate has not been able to endear himself to several party leaders who initially wanted Hon. Dennis Idahosa above him. And the set of leaders are secretly voicing their disdain to close associates concerning Monday’s capacity as a gubernatorial candidate.

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One of them mentioned Prof Osunbor, Dr. Mike Onolomenmen, Engr Gideon Ikhine and others who would have been more suitable as the party’s candidate if the powers that be did not foist him on the party from the national headquarters.

In the US, while addressing APC supporters and undetermined members of the diaspora community in what can be described as a failed Town Hall Meeting, the misfit candidate, went on a road trip of his usual intellectual blunder that has become material for the opposition and the public to feast and make jest over. His performance appraisal has been adjudged as way below expectation for a state like Edo State with wealth of intellectual giants.

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The former governor who featured Hon. Dennis Idahosa in the primary that was condemned as being fraudulent could not hide his displeasure within his circle of friends and followers. And this is being orchestrated by some other leaders and stakeholders of the party. “We have a clear problem at hand,” one of the leaders from Edo South declared emphatically. “We can gloss over the issue as much as we can, but the optics are not nice. How many times are we going to be defending each of his missteps with the knowing public? Animal Museum. Stuffed Animals, Museum. Zoo, Animals. Zoo, Museum…common! This is a joke travelling too far”.

Pastor Ize-Iyamu, who obviously knew he was going to loose the primary, but was hell-bent on opposing the prefered candidate of Senator Oshiomole, has vowed, with his foot soldiers, to continue to defend his weak choice – Okpebholo, as a matter of justification.

Meanwhile, the contradiction of APC’s docile candidate, Dr Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate, has been demonstrating continuously why the people of Edo State prefer him in all ramification. He has been presenting himself as a deserving governor-in-waiting with his engaging and superior capacity and capability, both as a leader and as a rare politician. Ighodalo mountains over Okpebholo with clear cut distance in terms of ability to articulate issues that are fundamental to governance.


The woes in APC are self inflicted: This is what happens when a party, out of internal conflict, resolve without consultations, to put forward its worst. Some of the leaders of the party have vowed to take the ‘sidon look’ position to avoid public disgrace as occasioned by the weakling – Okpebholo.

Comrade Odion Ikhine Ojo is a journalist based in Benin City, Edo State.