Edo Decides: One Year of Renewed Shege, APC’S Gift to Edo Citizens

Edo Decides: One Year of Renewed Shege, APC’S Gift to Edo Citizens

By Smooth Yesuf

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the Bola Tinubu led APC Federal Government.

In his anniversary message to the President, Edo APC Governorship candidate Monday Okpebholo praised Tinubu and urged Nigerians to “..have faith in the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu”, adding that the “..Renewed Hope Agenda is not just a policy framework; it is a statement of commitment, a covenant between Tinubu’s administration and the people of Nigeria.”

Nothing can be more wicked than for Okpebholo to describe this suffering Nigerians are going through as a Covenant with Tinubu. What rubbish covenant?

The APC administration so far has been characterised by hunger, lack , deprivation and poverty while the Federal Government continue to feed fat on the blood of the poor in guise of taxation. By every metric of human development, things have gotten significantly worse for the average Nigerian since this administration took over.

In short, it’s been one year of “Renewed shege” and hell.

From the poorly thought out and rash knee-jerk decision to remove subsidy on the day of inauguration that has seen fuel prices rise by over 300% to the Exchange rate policies that have crippled the Naira and seen it crash to an all time low of around ₦1500 to the US Dollar.
Electricity tariffs have gone up despite no commensurate increase in power supply and frequent collapses of the National electricity grid.

Inflation has reached an all-time high of 33% while food inflation is as high as 40%. A bag of rice now sells for about ₦80,000 – N90,000.

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Insecurity has worsened as kidnapping and banditry are now the order of the day. Agricultural production has dropped significantly because people in many parts of the Country are now afraid to go to their farms for fear of bandits.
The performance of the administration has been so dismal that many Nigerians don’t even want to hear the name APC at the moment because the Party has come to symbolise suffering and tears.

For us in Edo, we recall how Adams Oshiomhole campaigned vigorously for us to vote APC during the last general elections in 2023. Today it’s been a tale of woes over the past year with no sign of better things to come.

They have come again to beg us for votes in the forthcoming Edo Elections.

It’s basically a case of once bitten, twice shy. Edo people will not be fooled into Voting APC in any election in Edo State.

We are already tired of their covenant of suffering and have unilaterally broken the covenant.
We have no interest whatsoever in APC and whatever they have to offer.

We cannot have this shege at the National level and still vote for them to renew the Shege in Edo through Akpakomiza.

The evil they have done is enough.