Court ruling: What APC and its Co-travellers wish to Achieve With its distorted Court Ruling Interpretation

All Progressive Congress, APC

Court ruling: What APC and its Co-travellers wish to Achieve With its distorted Court Ruling Interpretation

By Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu

The Edo State All Progressive Congress, APC, is trying to see it does everything humanly possible, both legal and illegal, to avoid the September gubernatorial election in Edo State.

The ailing party with an obvious incompetent candidate, Senator Monday Okpebholo, has resorted to peddling fake information concerning the Thursday court ruling where it was never mentioned that the Edo State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate, Dr Asue Ighodalo, was nullified from contesting the September gubernatorial election.

The reason for this fake information by mechants of untruth in APC is to cause panic in the PDP and also dissuade thousands of APC members from leaving the party that has stretched citizens of the nation to their economic elastic limits. So as a dying party in the state that jas inflicted the people with untold hardship, they have nothing to campaign with to the people who have rejected the catastrophic the party has plunged the nation into in the past nine years, especially in the last year of Tinubu’s reign of economic terror.

So as expected, rumour, lies, propaganda, untruth, spin, disinformation, brainwashing, disinformation…are the only dependable dying men straw the APC is using as a lifeline before the election where the party will face its worst defeat in its history. The party no longer believe it can campaign to the Edo State citizens usually as they have been met with several stumbling blocks everywhere they go for campaigns.

However, the good people of Edo State can see through the veils of the APC and ade not moved by the notoriety of the party that has no moral rectitude whatsoever to continue to campaign anywhere in the country especially in Edo State.

The Edo State citizens are resolute and will continue to be unmoved by the APC dependance on lies and propaganda. The people have resolved to continue to defeat the party in Edo State as they did in the previous election.