Edo 2024: Your statement reckless, misleading, TAMO Tackles APC’s New Media Campaign Council

All Progressive Congress, APC

Edo 2024: Your statement reckless, misleading, TAMO Tackles APC’s New Media Campaign Council

By Kingsley Ohens

Responding to a recently published press release by the Edo State All Progressive Congress New Media Campaign Council earlier today, Team Asue Media Organization, TAMO, issued a counter press statement saying the said release was not only reckless but designed to mislead the public. The statement from TAMO released today read in full:

“The Team Asue Media Organization (TAMO) strongly condemns the reckless misinformation campaign launched by the APC New Media Campaign Council.

“Ordinarily, TAMO would not dignify this group with a response. However, it has become necessary to address their misleading statements. Rather than focusing on an issue-based campaign, these individuals have chosen to spread falsehoods, jeopardizing their futures for temporary gains.

“The lackluster APC New Media Campaign Council, led by one Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, issued a press statement today urging the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to disqualify Dr. Asue Ighodalo from the upcoming gubernatorial election anchored on baseless and laughable accusations of voter card forgery. This hatchet job allegation is not only unfounded but also absurd. Additionally, the claim that a Federal High Court has invalidated the delegates who nominated Mr. Ighodalo is a gross misrepresentation of facts.

“There is no truth to these accusations for the benefit of those who the lying APC’s falsehoods may mislead. Dr. Asue Ighodalo, a professional lawyer, remains committed to winning this election on September 21st and preventing Edo State from falling into the hands of those who thrive on disinformation and deceit.

“The APC cannot act as both prosecutor and judge, making and ruling on frivolous accusations. The public is well aware of the APC’s repetitive and tiresome tactics. It is time for the APC to engage in a meaningful and respectful discourse on issues rather than resorting to baseless propaganda.

“Dr Ighodalo’s campaign focuses on addressing the real needs of the people of Edo State. We are resolute about that, and we trust that the electorate will see through these desperate attempts to derail his candidacy”.