Celebrating Birland At 7: The Emerging ‘Dubai’ Of Africa

HRM. King Emir A Haiyawi, President
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Celebrating Birland At 7: The Emerging ‘Dubai’ Of Africa.


By Ademu Usman Idakwo.: When Dubai was founded on June 9th, 1833, little did it occur to anyone that the Emirate will become one of the wealthiest cities in the world today.

Though the development in this modern day did not start quickly, but the city gradually started witnessing massive development after sometime, following the discovering of oil in a large quantity in the Emirates.

According to history, the city existed as a trading port along important Middle Eastern trade route since the 1800. The main industry was pearling, which later dried up in 1930s.

HRM. Queen Eden S. Trinidad, Prime Minister
HRM. Queen Eden S. Trinidad, Prime Minister

In 1971, Dubai, one of wealthiest city along other six emirates that constitute the federation of United Arab Emirates, UAE, was created as a result of independence granted by the Great Britain.

United Arab Emirates, UAE, is the third richest country in the world, with a Gross Domestic Product, GDP, projected to be around US$425 billion in 2022, according to econometric models.

It is a country in Western Asia, bounded in the Eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula, by Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Several years after the Dubai miracle, another history is about to be enacted in Africa, with coming into be of “The Birland State.”

Birland is a new country, headed by a charismatic leader, His Royal Highness, Dr. King Emir A. Haiyawi, Founder and the President of Birland, which its original name was called Bir Tawil, meaning ‘No Man’s Land.’ It has now gained implicit recognition through the laying of hands of some natives inside the land and raising of Birland flag with a message saying, “Don’t be without us, Birland.”

The new country, Birland has a landmass of 2,060 square kilometers and located between Sudan and Egypt in the land of Bir Tawil.

The country, awaiting African Union, United Nations and European Union for full recognition was created on May 15th, 2015.

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In an exclusive webinar organized for Birland State by the Managing Director of C8TV.NET, based in India, Professor VJE Caroline, the Prime Minister of Birland, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad, shared the achievements and the present status of the country.

She said that famously, Bir Tawil was known as ‘No Man’s Land,’…but now, not any more.

President of the country, His Royal Majesty, King, Emir A, Haiwayi
President of the country, His Royal Majesty, King, Emir A, Haiwayi

The Prime Minister further disclosed that Birland has gained an implicit recognition several years ago, with the coming together of the native people to lay their hands and as well as raised the Birland flag with inscription on a piece of paper: “Don’t be without us Birland.”

Just like Dubai is rich in oil, Birland – Africa’s nearest future ‘Dubai,’ will be rich in culture, sports and tourism. This can be easily attested to, following the natural vegetation and the intellectual capacities of the founders of the country, who are mostly academics of high repute.

According to the Prime Minister,  Her Royal Majesty, Queen, Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad, the initiative of the country’s Minister of Culture, His Royal Highness, Chief Grand Master, Jason Tan Beng Siang and Birland representative in Singapore, His Excellency, Mario Chua, the international office was built with a signage outdoors, which was officially launched with the Birland State website – http://www.birlandgov.org, along with the national anthem and national symbols; such as national flag, coat of arms, seal and the color tone.

Grand Master Jason Tan, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, reiterated at a remarkable ceremony to inaugurate the office that “Birland is a country of culture and the first culture is poetry with 28 pioneering named “Birland Poets,” which was later renamed “World Birland Poets,” WBP.

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The poets are eminent ones from different countries, who were formally introduced through the virtual poetry recitation, dedicated to the great country of Birland.

All the poems that were composed were published as e-book, translated into Chinese language and published too by His Excellency, the Birland representative in Shandong, Tian Yu.

The Prime Minister further stated that the country organized ‘World Birland Poetry’ between 10th and 20th March, 2022, through the country’s Director of Culture in Ecuador, through its Poetas Intergalacticos – Intergalactic Poets – and 117 poets from 33 countries participated.

She confidently disclosed that the WBP recorded another feat and created history as 48,000 views were recorded within 24 hours that the articles were published in major media and newspapers in China.

The China media platform, according to her, gave the RedBadge on the Anthology Poetry for Birland in 2022 as being in the top news this year.

Still recalling the achievements of the new country, the Prime Minister, Her Royal Majesty , Queen Dr Eden Soriano Trinidad also explained that several royal kingdoms in Africa, South East Asia and Europe, including institutions in different countries of the world have signed memorandum of understanding, treaty, as well as sent their letters recognizing Birland as a country.

Some notable governments include the Tai’an City Government in Shandong province of China, Budhanilkantha, the municipality of Tourism Board of Hattigauda, Kathmandu Bagmati Province, Nepal, issued official letters for exchange of culture and tourism with Birland.

Birland is now said to be connected with many countries and governments identifying with  the new country seen as the future Dubai in Africa.

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HRM. Chief GM Tan Being Siang, Deputy Prime Minister
HRM. Chief GM Tan Being Siang, Deputy Prime Minister

The country’s rich culture and tourism has endeared it to the Federation of World Cultural and Art Society in Singapore as Birland, being a humanitarian country in the making through alliance with Federation of World Cultural and Art Society, FOWCAAS, proposed to a team of scientists who invented the iodine solution to send free idone solution to some countries like Nepal, Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, with a moto “To help save lives first.”

The new country also created the world Birland Martial Arts and Sports, WBMAS, manned by the founder and Chairman of the “World Complete Martial Arts Federation, WCMAF, His Excellency, Grand Master Carter Wong, Birland Chief Advisor of Country Defensive Martial Arts and Director General of Security Department – Macau Special Administrative region of China.

African supporters of the emerging country last year converged on the soil of Nigeria – the giant of Africa – to celebrate the Sixth Year founding anniversary of Birland State with fanfare, symposium, cultural display and a lot more.

This year’s celebration, which is the Seventh Anniversary, slated to be held the Month May in Kathmandu in Nepal,will be a great event as achievements recorded so far in the year will be presented before world leaders, captains of industries and world opinion molders.

The Minister of Tourism in Birland State, His Excellency, Mingma Dorjee Sherpa, with the Director of Aviation, His Excellency, Debendra K.C, who is also the honorary representative of culture in the country, said the Founding Chairman of Jara Foundation in Nepal, Zen Master Krishna Prasai and other top administration of Birland are Guests of Honour.

Indeed Birland has come to stay as the Eldorado of Africa, with a brighter hope for African rich culture, tourism, sports and hospitality.

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