Edo PDP Rally: Orbih, Nightmare to Obaseki

Chief Dan Orbih
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Edo PDP Rally: Orbih, Nightmare to Obaseki

Alfred Imokeme

“So, Dan Orbih made a vital point without uttering a single word. There is nothing like Harmonization Edo State PDP.” Audu

Yesterday, Senator Iyorchia Ayu was in Edo State for a working visit and rally, which was attended by mostly new PDP members and hired crowd. Against all expectations, the national chairman of the party did not mention Harmonization, the issue which had been under contention in Edo State PDP since 2020. It was a big disappointment for members of the new PDP (APC elements in PDP) as the National chairman completely stayed away from the illegal harmonization or dissolution of the existing PDP structure in his speech which was laced with political correctness. Rather, he preached peace and the consequences of having a divided house going into elections. He spoke as a expected of a visiting national chairman to a state under his party.


However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deny the fact that Chief Dan Orbih is not the nightmare of Governor Godwin Obaseki who was alleged to have hired crowd with the sum of 3 thousands each to attend the rally and to protest with placards and printed banners against Chief Dan Orbih. Some of the cards argued in vain that Obaseki is the leader of PDP in edo State. I have never seen anywhere a leopard points to its spotted akin to show what it really is. The actions of the hired protesters was a shameful conduct by the state government and its handlers. This was an absolute representation of shame and total failure. It was an uncivilized and brutish politics which has no place in PDP. Obaseki cannot keep fighting proxy wars and shadows. It amounts to being an empty vessel. The PDP has its organs used for dispute or conflict resolutions.

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The notoriety of the governor and his group knows no bound. He sleeps and wakes up thinking and fuming about and against Chief Dan Orbih. His nights are troubled.  He is having disturbing dreams associated with negative feelings against Chief Dan Orbih, such anxiety and fear awakens him during the night and during the day. He is utterly worried like a man that have been inflicted by a malady. His bad dreams are occasioned by the tepid echoes he chants against Chief Dan, the indefigable leader of the PDP in Edo State.

From the visible look of things, Chief Dan Orbih cannot help Obaseki; he must bow to the PDP structures he met on ground and work with them. He dreams about harmonization that is impossible before the law and blames his imagination on Chief Dan Orbih as if he, Chief, wrote the PDP constitution. If he invites PDP members of good conscience to meetings and they refuse to turn up, not the likes of Chief Tom Ikimi and co, he blames it on Chief Dan Orbih hurriedly. I am very sure if his coffee turns cold in the morning, he looks at the pictures of Chief Dan Orbih which will likely be in all his four trouser and suit pockets.

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I do not envy Chief Dan Orbih, Obaseki does. He as a strong feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by Chief Dan Orbih’s possessions, qualities and dispossion, which has has not been able to achieve with brute force. He fells twinge of envy for the South South PDP Vice Chairman anytime he has lucid intervals and based on that, he suffers sufficiently.

In his private recess, Obaseki utter shrills of echoes in his mind dreaming about his worst nightmare. He beats himself to stupor for not being able to defeat Chief Dan Orbih in any contest so far. He goes to stop him from going to court, he was defeated, he goes to remove PDP LGA chairmen, he is defeated, he wish to harmonize so that he can people the excos with his members and take over the party structure, he is being defeated.

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I wish to want to know the man called Chief Dan Orbih who amount to being a serious nightmare to the governor of Edo State who they call Ematon. Is Chief Dan Orbih a spirit, is he human, is he a ghost? Why is Obaseki terrified of him so much he makes him utterly unhappy?

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