Hate Speech: That Thing Around Our Necks.


Elempe Dele, Edo.

As a matter of fact, what is the whole buzz about the hate speech bill? The government has already hated the people and the people hates the government too. Whether they sign the bill into law or not, people will still be put in prisons for no just reasons and they will disobey court judgements to set them free even if they are not guilty.

Was it under hate speech put Dasuki in prison even when he was granted bail but refused by the demigod?

Was it under hate speech Al Zarzaky has been in jail or it was what Sowore said that caused ethnic clash that sent him to jail?

Was it Hate Speech that ignited the EndSARS Protest or was it that killed over 110 farmers in Borno?

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Hell no; it is the hatred the government has for us that is the problem, not even the hate we have for the government.

The government is a Hate Speech. It is hated and it hates us badly in return.

It cannot accept criticisms, it does not want people to rebel against its inadequacies and its unforced failures.

Lets forget about the hate speech bill; our focus should be either to accept that we have been subjected, cowed and defeated or we trudge on and hope one day, there will be a rope around our neck to be hanged, even in silence.

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