Sir Innocent Nwachukwu and 2023 bid predicated on service to Abia electorates and God

Sir Innocent Nwachukwu, Young Progressive Party (YPP) 2023 State House of Assembly standard-bearer for Umuahia East Constituency seat Good evening, pls kindly publish and send news links. Many thanks and remain blessed
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There are no doubts that the entry in the 2023 Abia State House of Assembly race by a renowned business magnet and philanthropist per excellence, Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu (KSM), is predicated on service to humanity and God, and necessitated also by long-aged yearnings and clarion calls by the people of Umuahia east state constituency, critical party stakeholders and socio-cultural and political groups across all boards and leanings, for the enthronment of effective, responsive and purposeful leadership in the state constituency.

It’s also an undisputable facts that the uncommon and remarkable strides recorded by Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu, especially in the world of private sector business investments-driven, philanthropy, community development, human and economic empowerment and development, etc, stood him tall among other candidates of political parties jostling for the umuahia east constituency seat of the Abia House of Assembly in the forthcoming 2023 general election in the state. It is on record that Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu(Onwa) has encouraged and empowered larger indigent people from umuahia east, and indeed, Ibeku Ukwu Ogurube ancient clan and beyond, whom most of them were trained and mobilized, after undergoing training schemes in any areas of artisanship, skill acquisition, small and medium scale business enterprises, education scholarship scheme, free health service scheme etc.

In community development, Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu, has continued to play significant roles in brokering peace and also enhancing the socio-economic and Infrastructural growths and development in the umuahia east state constituency of Abia state. However, it is on record in the sake of posterity that, Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu, popularly known as “ONWA” by associates and teeming admirers, had built and rehabilitated many homes to indigent people in umuahia east constituency. He has unrelentingly and actively continued to be in the fore-front on the genuine desire by the constituent enhancing the economic and Infrastructural growths and development of the umuahia east constituency, as he had earlier this year (2022), carried out installation of potable streetlights in many local communities in umuahia east, and has equally asphalted many deplorable rural roads within the state constituency.

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In his business conglomerates, Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu (Onwa), had over hundreds of youths, men and women from the umuahia east, Abia and Nigeria as a whole in his workforce in Lagos and beyond. Through his private business conglomerates, many had been encouraged in Small and medium scale business enterprises (SMEs), making them to be self dependent and self-reliant, especially in raising and catering their respective families. There is no gainsaying the fact that the anticipated victory of Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu in the forthcoming 2023 general election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Abia state, would usher in, the greater democratic dividends of democracy to the doorsteps of the populaces at the area.

Obviously, Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu’s candidancy on the platform of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) is Godly divined, as his candidature had shown, is the shortest routes to foster growths and development of umuahia east state Constituency. Watchers of political events in Abia State, have aligned with popular opinions and submissions that, Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu possessed the requisite capacity, ability, competence, expertise, contacts, and all the wherewithal, to rewrite the narrative of governance in umuahia east constituency, as the Abia area has continued to lag behind in the government’s allocations of meaningful and basic social and Infrastructural amenities to enhance its development.

I can recall part of the wordings of Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu during a recent media outing on his bid to represent umuahia east constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly come 2023. Quotes in parts: “Really I’m in the race to render selfless service to the people of umuahia east constituency if I’m given the opportunity to speak for the umuahia east people at Abia state legislative chamber towards the attraction of meaningful developmental amenities.

Sir Innocent Nwachukwu,  Young Progressive Party (YPP) 2023 State House of Assembly  standard-bearer for Umuahia East Constituency seat
Sir Innocent Nwachukwu, Young Progressive Party (YPP) 2023 State House of Assembly standard-bearer for Umuahia East Constituency seat

“I will interface with the executive arm by making and through people’s oriented bills, laws and also, discharge oh his oversight functions attract and ensure government’s attention is given to address the myriads of challenges impeding the speed growths and development of the constituency. It would be an effective and responsive representation.

“Our focus in creating better environment for all human activities to thrive, through useful legislation. Because, enough have not been achieved to address the socio-economic and Infrastructural deficits in the state constituency, and give many parts areas facelifts for the good of indigent constituents and residents of the area”, Nwachukwu partly concluded.

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Clearly, his recent statement has attested and reaffirmed the confidence of the populaces in umuahia east, that Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu is prepared for tasks ahead of the job plum. And Onwa has continued to demonstrate and maintain the capacity, zeal and acumen both in private sector-driven business, community development, political cycle and human empowerment and development. Let me deviate little bit from that, by drawing the attention of general public to a recent reports released after an on-spot-assessment tours of the o lolseventeen local government areas of Abia state by cross section of journalists from the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), umuahia east constituency of Abia state is ranked among others, as having the lowest in government’s execution of critical infrastructure in the state. The report also attributed the ugly factor, to poor representation and legislative redunancy by the successive occupants of the seat of umuahia east constituency at the Abia House of Assembly.

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With the latest lowest ranking allotted to umuahia east area that contained in the assessments tour reports, calls for urgent and collective efforts of well- meaning and spirited people to rewrite the current indices, and it can be actualized, if eligible citizens visit designated units and points by the Independent National Electoral Commission, and get register for the Permanent Voters Cards (PVC), on the election day, rally round and cast your votes for Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu under the platform of YPP, as he remained the automatic answer and alternative to effecting a change, and as well, entrench dynamic and purposeful needed leadership and representation for growths of umuahia east come 2023. He has wherewithal to raise the bar in Infrastructure and economic improvement.

As we begin with activities for the upcoming main 2023 election, i reiterate that the electorate have found choice in Sir Innocent Chimezie Nwachukwu to represent them in Abia state House of Assembly, and that, we shall actualize in 2023. He stands tall more than other candidate, as his developmental blueprints and agenda is second to none, and aligned with real desire of the people of umuahia east Constituency, which geninuely tilted on fostering and enhancing their growths and deepen development.

Chijindu Chinedu Emeruwa, public affairs analyst writes from Ohokobe Mbaocha Ndume Umuahia Ibeku in Abia state.

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