2023 Edo Central Senatorial District: Why Onolememen Fits

PDP senatorial candidate, Edo Central Senatorial District, Dr. (Arc) Mike Onolememen (CON)
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The Senate is a place that should be peopled with some measure of expertise, not people who really are coming from nowhere exactly. That is why you see even in the USA, you don’t normally see wannabes in the Red Chambers, you rather see former ministers, former House of Representatives members, lawyers, scholars, opinion molders, original thinkers, former governors and their likes.

On this basis, the Edo Central Senatorial District needs a new push, a new representative and a new leadership at the senate. And who can easily enter that position? It is the quintessential man, the professional, the former minister, the Adolor of Uromi Kingdom, Dr (Arc) Michael Oziegbe Onolememen CON. He is one of the finest professionals fromtwo-timeatoral district.

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As a two time minister, first, as the Minister of State for Defense, and then as Minister for Works, he knows his onions and the people who matter and in the corridor get power. It is connection that get things done, so no doubt, we need his long reach in this aspect. We need a man who can chair a committee and contribute meaningfully, not one who will be redundant in any position, even on the floor of the Red Chambers.

We are fortunate to be a homogeneous people – the Esan people. This is so because we can easily speak in one voice. No doubt this is an immense advantage to us.

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So let’s take advantage of this moment to support and vote for the Adolor of Uromi Kingdom, with his track record, capacity and capability to deliver the dividends of democracy.

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