Philip Shaibu: The sour loser on the loose again.

Philip Shaibu: The sour loser on the loose again.

By Mohammed Kadiri.

Yesterday, I watched with consternation a small clip where the impeached deputy governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu, made some unfounded allegations against Dr Asue Ighodalo.

It would have been better to ignore his known self-style of ranting and character assassination, but for a handful of the unsuspecting public who might be convinced about his lies, there is need for the records to be set straight.

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The Edo State House of Assembly under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Blessing Agbebaku noticed the malfunction of Comrade Philip Shaibu where he had on several occasions gone to the public to leak the Edo State Government private dealings, according to the impeachment motion.

It was on this basis that the process of impeachment was initiated and concluded. As he erroneously peddled in the video, which was evident in his self distraction about the age of the incoming Deputy Governor of Edo State, Osarodion Ogie Esq, Dr Asue Ighodalo had no hand in his impeachment, which he deservingly earned as an obstreperous want away child.

If Philip needs to accuse anyone for being behind his impeachment, he should do so to himself as the other of his four fingers are directly pointing to him. His accusations against Asue are blatantly false and carry no weight of truth.

Secondly, nobody wanted him to forcefully support Dr Asue Ighodalo; that claim is a figment of his unhinged imagination.

Asue’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds since he started consulting last year. Philip that has not been winning his ward since he became deputy governor cannot be forced to support Asue. What exactly will he bring to the table?

Shaibu can decide to join as much gang as he likes, which has been his ways for a while now, but he should be aware that he does not speak for the collective interest of Edo State youth who have agreed that the candidacies of Asue/Ogie speaks to the range of their desires.

He should know he cannot arrogate to himself the powers to decide what the Edo youths want.

His time in power did not favour any block of youth in Edo State, not even those from Edo North where he hails from.

In fact, his astronomical tickets from Monday to Sunday for drivers, traders and artisans in Edo State was part of his suppressive contradictions as a supposed youth while he was in charge of Internally Generated Revenue, IGR, in Edo State.


Were the billions accounted for? I shall leave all that for a later date.

For now, Philip Shaibu should enjoy his well earned impeachment from the government he served in for about 7 years.

He should be aware that there is time for everything; his time has passed and a younger and more vibrant youth who is largely liked by the Edo North people has since taken his position.