I read with rude shock how Hon. Jerry Uzosike tried in vain to disparage the person of Rt. Hon.Dr. Cosmos Ndukwe. In a post on his verified facebook handle, the former member of Abia State House of Assembly, made sweeping accusations against the Deputy Speaker of the 6th Abia House.

In the interest of those who are not seized of the background of this needless altercation, I will say that a Constable is challenging a Commissioner of Police.

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Sometime in March 2024, Jerry, the self styled OME NA DOLLAR resigned his membership of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP). The Umuahia born politician, took his former party men to the cleaners while announcing his resignation.

Dr. Ndukwe naturally felt disparaged and in a facebook post, made a passive comment that only hungry defectors would disparage others to curry favour.

Chief John Okiyi in a viral post and apparently irked by Jerry’s unfortunate and hypocritical comments came short of calling Jerry hungry when he wrote : “When you decide to move to another political party, you can do so quietly without exposing yourself to disdain from those you left and the people you are joining”.

Personally, I do not see anything wrong in the decision of a politician to join another party. However, I am usually weary and worried when the substance of that decampment gives the defector away as having no value for independent mindedness or respect for the dignity of the human person. Jerry stirred the hornet’s nest, when he made comments suggesting that his former party men were either ungodly or primitive accumulators of wealth.

On the 29th of April 2024, Dr. Ndukwe in an emotion laden letter, announced his resignation of his membership of the PDP. ManofGod acknowledged the help he had received from his former party men and wished them all.

Expectedly, like you predict any person with a poor sense of history, Jerry rushed to the social media to call ManofGod unprintable names (see attached screenshots)

It is usually my nature to offer help to those who need help. Jerry demonstrated in clear terms that he was driven by the vagaries of inglorious vendetta, hence he willfully distorted facts.

After reading Jerry’s zero respect for circumspection, I have offered to explain to him why comparing himself with the biggest promoter of entertainment, the desirable husband of the widows, vanguard of the downtrodden, father of the vulnerable will be unhealthy and make Jerry susceptible to heartache. Come with me.

Jerry Uzosike, in a hurry to shine, ended up putting huge question marks on his level of comprehension and sense of history. For the avoidance of doubt, in the spirit of being our brother’s keeper and in my capacity as Dr. Ndukwe’s Media Aide for 24 years (1998 – 2022), I will, for free, educate Jerry on MOG’s life trajectory

Contrary to Uzosike’s lies, Cosmos was not made a millionaire by Gov. Orji Uzor Kalu. As at 1999 OUK was elected Governor of Abia State, ManofGod had contested elections and won on Zero Party (the real popularity test) the Councilorship seat of Mosque Ward 1, in 1992. MOG later rose to become the Deputy Chairman of Aba North Local Government Area.

Before the 1992 elections, Cosmos had successfully established and was running the CONK GARMENT INDUSTRY (1985)and later CONK PRODUCTIONS.
CONK GARMENT was sitting pretty at 132 Cameroon Road Aba, a property owned by Cosmos Ndukwe’s merchant father. Young Cosmos was at the time, a proud owner of 32 sewing machines, employing over 60 persons.

It is therefore atrocious and provocative for anyone to think that someone who became a Governor in 1999, made someone who was already employing people in 1985, a millionaire.

Let me also say here that as at 1998 when OUK was campaigning, he made a brief stop at 8 Okigwe Road, Aba, CONK COMPUTERS Corporate Office, wooing Cosmos to join his campaign.

Cosmos was busy and couldnt spare time for politics. The Federal Government of Nigeria had appointed his CONK COMPUTERS to train personnel of the Nigerian Customs (Abia State Command) on use of the Automated Systems for Customs Data (ASYCUDA). It was also his CONK COMPUTERS that was appointed to ensure that Computers and personnel within the Abia State Command were Y2K (Millenium bug) compliant.

MOG’s CONK COMPUTERS was pioneering internet technology in Aba as at 1999. It was in his 8 Okigwe Road office that the first paid email was sent from @N500 per page.

In the same 1999, Cosmos brought the Vice Chancellor of University of Jos to inspect 87(not 8 that was the Corporate Office) Okigwe Road, Aba for the mounting of Computer Training Institute. Cosmos Ndukwe’s CONK COMPUTERS became affiliated to UNIJOS. Sell of forms alone accounted for millions. The institute had more than 50 (fifty) Computers. I dont know how many politicians jn Abia as at 1999 that could afford a computer. Jerry, 1992 -1998/1999 meant seven years as a private person .
Note that MOG was only appointed by OUK in 2003. Do the Maths

Jerry, you will be hurting yourself when you talk about BETRAYAL. OUK left as a Governor in 2003. Before his departure, he appointed MOG, ASEPA GM. When TA Orji severed his relationship with OUK, Cosmos, President of Classic International at the time was the last person to leave the OUK camp. Before then, MOG had travelled to Charlotte in the United States to serve notice to the Uzor Kalus. So, how did MOG betray OUK?

Talking about betrayal, the man who introduced MOG to politics is Ide Ifeanyi Okechukwu (BOK). MOG maintains a very warm and affectionate relationship with BOK till foreve. If Chief Vincent Ogbulafor, the man who introduced you to politics were to be alive, would you say the same about him? Read JOK’s article cited above so that you update yourself on the real meaning of BETRAYAL.

Did you ask what MOG achieved as Legislator/Deputy Speaker? This answer may pitch you against your people. I do not expect you to match MOG’s achievements because you neither had the capacity nor contacts to do so. While you were gifting your Aides 20 year old Honda Pilots and buying chillers for Beer Parlour operators, MOG had built and equipped a cottage hospital for his constituents at Okagwe Item, Civic Hall at Iketenwe and a Market Hall at Okoko. From 2011 till at least 2022 that I am aware, he was paying WAEC registration fees for no fewer than 200 candidates each year. The 12 houses he built and furnished for widows from 2015 – 2019 are enough to dwarf your records in attending child dedications and burials. You may wish to confirm from Ikpeazu’s wife what happened at Item Secondary School in December 2018. That empowerment powered by MOG shook the very foundations of Bende North. Jerry! We are not talking about Keke NAPEP or old Honda Pilots. We are talking about massive empowerment tools like vehicles, motorbikes and skill acquisition tools for more than 500 constituents.

If you want to know why I said a Constable cannot challenge a CP, open and find out how United Nations was able to award Cosmos Ndukwe’s Foundation Consultative Status. This was not achieved with large stickers and road shows.

Like Ariaria like the Ubakala Road Project. You see that Ariaria project, it is MOG’s biggest legacy as a Public Servant. We know those who twisted the arms of the developer for free shops. MOG staked his life and ensured that everything about that project was set up. We know those who asked for gratification from Road Contractors. May History vindicate the just while God punishes the wicked

Jerry! MOG is not your mate by any stroke of the imagination. Eze Chikamnayo said and I believe him that though politicians do not wear uniforms, everyone knows the other’s rank. Read through again and tell me why MOG isn’t a CP in this your politics? Stop the unhealthy comparison. It doesn’t make sense.

You may have noticed that I deliberately refused to talk about your demeaning remarks about MOG being a photographer. You didnt add that he was a professional Master of Ceremony. You see ehn! That sense of skill, creativity and industry he started Photography while still kn secondary school (1977) is the reason he has successfully run:

a. CONK Garments industry
b. CONK Productions
f. Luxury City Hotels
g Sugar Land Entertainment

From the millions you made as a Pilot, please give Umuahia one venture that will employ at least 100 people. MOG is not your problem
Ben Udechukwu, media adviser to Dr. Cosmos Ndukwe writes from Umuahia, Abia state.