Edo 2024: AIM Coordinator, Asekhame gives reason why Ighodalo is far better than other Guber candidates

Edo 2024: AIM Coordinator, Asekhame gives reason why Ighodalo is far better than other Guber candidates 

….. Insist people will resist rumoured federal might


It has been alleged that the APC would deploy Federal might to win the election. Are you not worried?


See, that is what they are saying, and that is why they are not working. We are working day and night, up and down trying to convince the people to vote because we believe in voting and counting of votes. They are not doing anything, and relying on Federal might. I am not afraid of Federal might. ‘Federal might’ cannot come and change election results in Edo State.

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Tinubu will not do that. When he contested his own election in Lagos State, he didn’t not win. They had a sitting governor, and they had the money and the influence in his own election but he didn’t win, yet President Tinubu didn’t use ‘Federal might’. So, is it Edo State that they want to come and change the result?

I know they will not raise a finger to help APC to change the results in Edo State or rig election. If you heard him saying “I want Edo State, I want to claim Edo State”, he is only trying to persuade the people to come and work but they are not working. They are waiting for him to bring the Electoral Officer that they will give money to and tell him to change the result. Not in this town! Not in 2024, we’re ready for anything, nobody can change any result.

Hon Dan Asekhame is the Founder and Coordinator of the Asue Ighodalo Movement (AIM)
Hon Dan Asekhame is the Founder and Coordinator of the Asue Ighodalo Movement (AIM)

The hand you want to use to write the fake result, we will cut the hand off. We will give you a short sleeve in place of a long sleeve just the way it was done in Liberia. Do you want to rig the election in Edo State? No, now! Asue Ighodalo is on the street 24/7, our people are visiting markets, organizing rallies and going round the state, you are planning to rig the election, not here. Nothing like that will happen. We will go to any level to resist it.


What do you have to say about the clamour for Justice, Equity and Fairness (JEF)? Do you see Olumide Akpata going far?


We are one family in Edo State and we have said it is the turn of Esan people, even if there are only two candidates, we have said it is the turn of Esan people. Edo South has done it, Edo North has done it, only Esan that is left. Olumide does not even have the capacity to go far and so he can’t win. His coming out from Edo South is a big setback for him.


He may be able to convince a few people but Edo South people are saying let it go to Esan people this time around. All he will benefit from this election is that because it is his first time, it will help to create awareness for him so that next time he comes out he will not be a new face. And LP, I must tell you is a party that is open to other parties. We go there to harvest people. PDP will go there and take some, APC will go there and take some. That is how we have been doing it.


If you were to advise Edo people ahead of the governorship election, what would you be telling them?


I will tell them that this is not the time to vote for a governor who will be waiting for leaders before taking a decision. The people are more than the leaders, and we need a governor who will prioritize the people above the leaders. They have heard what the APC candidate said. They have heard what Asue Ighodalo said. APC candidate said he will be waiting for leaders and it is what the leaders say that he would do. Asue has come to tell you that look, I want to work, I want to develop Edo State, I want to bring development and prosperity, I want to create employment and look into the welfare of the people. So, they are two different categories and on two different wavelengths.

This is 2024 for crying out loud.

We want a governor who will not wait for leaders to tell him what to do before he knows what to do. So, I will appeal to Edo people to please vote for Asue Ighodalo. He has the capacity, you have heard him talk, and he is the person who has Edo State and the development of this place at heart. I am not saying that he is not going to respect leaders or disrespect leaders but prioritizing leaders above the people is not in his agenda. I will appeal to them to vote for Asue, he will surprise Edo people. The man works very hard and he has the experience, clout and knowledge of economics to turn the state around.



Are you not worried that members of the Legacy PDP are reluctant to work with your candidate?


Looking at the issue of the Legacy PDP, in any family when one person is aggrieved, we look for a means to bring everybody to the round table to thrash it out. Injury to one is injury to all. So we are still appealing to the Legacy people to let us work together. Now, Obaseki is not on the ballot, what brought the anger is past now, so let us come together and work hard to deliver Asue.

There are so many opportunities open to the party once Asue wins. I don’t want what happened before to happen again. Let us all come together to build Edo State. We don’t want a divided house. Up till now we are still appealing to them and we will continue to appeal to them. We want Chief Dan Orbih and others. So I appeal to Legacy, please come on board and join us.


As the CVR begins next week, what is your advice to the people?


Like I told you before our cardinal programme is to sensitise new people to register and vote. If you look at the state, most people who know the importance of elections don’t come out to vote. They are afraid of violence and thugs. But the last time they came out to vote they changed the narrative and I will be appealing to them to come out again this time.

They know the difference between the two candidates. They should just sacrifice the two hours of that Election Day to vote. AS for the CVR, I appeal to everybody, go out early to register if you don’t have a voter’s card or lost it or it is damaged.

Look for it now, know where it is, and keep it well. The exercise is just for 10 days, so we must not miss it.