Edo 2024: Not Everything That Glitters in LP is Peter Obi

Edo 2024: Not Everything That Glitters in LP is Peter Obi

By Osagie Odion

“Not all that glitters is gold” is a very popular proverbial phrase that is often attributed to William Shakespeare, who included a variation of it in his play “The Merchant of Venice.” The phrase means that not everything that looks valuable turns out to be so.

This saying has rang true in Edo State as we head up to Governorship Elections scheduled for September 21 2024.

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Given the love Edo people demonstrated for arguably the “Golden boy” of the 2023 general elections, Mr. Peter Obi, a lot of opportunists are now trying to hide under the cover of Peter Obi and the Labour Party to sell fake gold to Edo people.

Even the Labour Party ticket in Edo was hijacked by an alien who was no where near the Obidient Movement of 2023 or even identified himself with it in any way.

I watched LP Candidate, Olumide Akpata ‘s interview with Mega Comrade Clement Eranomigho Edegbe as he struggled to defend the mediocre performance of his party man and current Labour Party Senator representing Edo South, Neda Imasuen, who like his Edo Central counterpart Monday Okpebholo, has performed woefully in the Senate so far and even diverted the December palliatives meant for the masses.

I was again reminded that we actually have a Labour Party Senator representing Edo South with little or nothing to show for it. Indeed, all that glitters LP is not Peter Obi.

It has become quite distinctly clear that Labour Party and Peter Obi/Obidients are worlds apart.
Peter Obi will probably never defend criminality or mediocrity as Akpata was trying to do. People like Imasuen just rode on the wave of the Obidient movement to the Senate for his own selfish agenda and has joined the looting spree. He has no Bills, no motions, no known opposition stance against the ruling APC’s draconian policies. He just collected his own ₦500 million constituency allowances and pocketed it. So much for a Labour Party Senator!

The embattled Chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure continues to struggle with the burden of graft allegations and a National Convention mired in controversy.

The above development basically underscores why we must be careful going into another Election, it is not Everything that screams LP that is Gold like Peter Obi.

Peter Obi definitely did not share Dollars or buy the Labour Party ticket to become Candidate. He also has no record of criminal or violence anywhere. He has a decent family life with his wife following him round for campaigns.


Many Obidients understand this fact and have distanced themselves from Edo Labour Party and their Candidate who emerged from a DOLLARISED primaries.

Edo People, Shine your Eyes!!!

If E no be Peter Obi, E no fit be like Peter Obi!